March dog expenses

Apparently the dogs are REALLY into oranges.
Begging for oranges. Weirdos.

A breakdown of what we spent on the dogs in March:

Date Item(s) Source Spent
03/03/2014 Kibble, Zuke’s treats (2 bags), canine toothbrush, Eden’s fish oil supplement (Welactin) $70.56
03/05/2014 Frontline Plus (6-month supply) and poop bags $66.08
03/19/2014 Vet visit for Eden (wellness, prescriptions, and heartworm prevention) Vet $187.80
03/20/2014 Kibble and a collar for Eden $52.98

Total dog expenses for March: $377.42

Expensive month, but we had a few outliers: a vet visit and needing to restock on flea and tick and heartworm prevention. Here’s to hoping that April will be kinder on the budget!

8 thoughts on “March dog expenses

  1. Yeaaa, we once added up what we had spent, you know, “for fun”…. It was not fun. Lets just say for about a year there we rarely escaped a month with less than 4 figures spent on our pooches. Not fun at all!

  2. Those sneaky heart worm pills! I always need a restock on a month when I’m so proud to have squeaked right in under budget.

    How is Eden doing?

    1. I know!

      Thanks for asking. Nothing has changed, sadly. I feel pretty sure she has EPI. We got bloodwork sent out today, and we probably won’t have results for a week or so. Waiting anxiously for news, but I’m not expecting them to be good.

  3. This genius! Not only for keeping track, but also for letting readers know the real costs of pet ownership.
    I don’t keep any such track. But I can tell you our last food order (they’re ~monthly) was $277 and pet insurance is about $160/month.

  4. Our little guy used to suffer from skin issues that made him scratch incessantly with damaging results. Finally we found a therapy involving a special shampoo and leave-in rinse which solved 90% of the problem and was a great alternative to steroids. Thing is, the shampoo costs about $25 per 16 ounces and the rinse goes for over $30 a bottle of the same size and we bathe him 2x a week. On the other hand we only buy one 15 pound bag of food per month.

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