Ready for a spring weekend

The pretty little psychopath. #germanshepherd

Dog life updates:

  • Eden health update: The results of her blood work came back, and she does NOT have EPI! Hallelujah! But she DOES have a pretty serious case of giardia. So, clouds, but silver lining, because it’s not a debilitating lifelong condition. But giardia can be pretty tricky and resistant. She may have been harboring this since we adopted her, and the signs only recently became apparent to us. She’s on a treatment plan now, so here’s to hoping that her GI issues clear up and that she starts packing on the pounds! Eden will be 9 months old this weekend, and she should weigh about 55-60 lbs. She currently weighs 45 lbs. So, a lot to accomplish.
  • On the brighter side, my in-laws and their pup Georgia are coming to visit for the weekend! Pyrrha and Georgia are great pals, but this will be Eden’s first time meeting her puppy “aunt.” If Edie doesn’t terrify Georgia, I think they will all be fast friends.
  • We’ve been continuing with our new walking strategy to reduce reactivity. Guion now walks Pyrrha, and I take the lead with Eden. It’s been going very well, and I think Pyrrha is making improvement. I’m more relaxed on walks, and Pyrrha is also forming a stronger bond with Guion (listening to him, taking treats from him, following his lead, etc.).
  • Regarding the garden: The dogs have been respecting the wire barriers around the forsythia and blackberries, and we are going to plant two apple trees in the yard this weekend. I am also feeling increasingly eager to build a hedge/visual barrier along that side of the fence. The numerous boy children are increasingly distracting to the dogs. AND I came out the other day to find one of the neighbor boys pointing a slingshot at Pyrrha while she was barking. OMG. I yelled at him, “EXCUSE ME??” And he dropped it and ran. So, yes. I am getting increasingly nervous, both about our dogs’ safety and Pyrrha’s ability to handle the stimulation/stress. So building a hedge is a top priority.

Happy Friday to you all! What’s been going on in your households lately?

10 thoughts on “Ready for a spring weekend

  1. Hi Abby, I wanted to chime in on the giardia situation. One of my dogs had giardia when I adopted her and it was difficult to get rid of. Some things my vet (and he is a great vet) did not tell me, that unfortunately I had to learn on my own so I thought I would share. Originally she was put on Metronidazole (Flagyl), however, I found it was not effective at all and is hard on the dogs (high dose for 2 weeks). Panacur (Fenbendazole) (which you don’t need a prescription for and can buy online) is really the drug of choice. That is what my research found and that is what finally worked for us. It is also easier on dogs with fewer side effects, if any. You simply put it on their food for 3-5 days ( I did 5 days as we had a severe case). She was fixed- well for a while. Then I learned my second thing. That is that the meds will kill some of them,however, apparently they can bore themselves into the dogs intestine basically hiding from the meds. After about a week they come out and guess what- your dog is sick all over again. So here is what we did and what worked for us:
    Panacur for 5 days, then after 2-3 weeks repeat the Panacur again. If it is a severe case you may need to repeat after another 3 weeks. Again Panacur is safe (even for puppies).
    Another important factor is that it is so easily spread. You may need to have Pyrrha checked to. Your vet should be able to do a simple stool test. Also, any dogs they have played with. If you cure Eden and one of the playmates has it she can get it back. All toys should be washed and bleached along with bedding, blankets etc. I even had my carpets cleaned. All waste should be immediately removed from the yard as giardia can get into the grass. They also like cool damp areas so they can live in the environment for a while. Because it can linger in the environment for so long is why it spreads so easy. The dogs do have to ingest it, however, walking/rolling on the grass then licking paws and grooming etc. it happens.
    Shortly after I found out my adopted girl had it I tested Storm and she had it too. No symptoms, but she was positive for it so it was in the early stages. I hope some of this helps! Good luck…

  2. PS- The reason that you will need to wait 2-3 weeks between each dose of Panacur is to give those that have gone into the intestine time to come back out so the meds can reach them.
    Also, pray for nice hot weather soon- they won’t live as long in the environment in dry heat. They like cool, damp, wet areas.

    1. Thanks for sharing your story, Cheri! We are certainly going to be vigilant about this. Our vet has her on Panacur now, with the timing/dosage that you suggest above (5 days, take a break, then another 5 days of it). We’ll be bathing her and her bedding regularly, and we’ve put away all shared toys. We’re also cleaning up the yard vigilantly. It has been warm here lately, so we’re hoping all the conditions will converge to rid her of these nasty parasites!

  3. A slingshot? Good grief. We’ve had trouble with kids making faces at Silas in the car, which drives him berserk, but never actual threats of violence.

    Giardia is definitely a much better prognosis, but yeesh, who wants to deal with that, either?

  4. Giardia is so common around here, it’s kind of like the stomach flu for humans. Hopefully she’s on the up-and-up soon! P.S. Your neighbor kids need to be taught a lesson asap. Not cool 😦

  5. I’m glad to hear you got some answers for Eden and that it wasn’t a worst case scenario. I’ve done my share of intimidating young neighbor boys over the years. Stick to your guns.

    As for what we’re doing this weekend, Küster and my husband have a big SAR training workshop this weekend and two of Küster’s brothers or half brothers will be there. I’ve had fun seeing how alike they all are, even though they were born at different times.

  6. So happy to read that you have some resolution and a light at the end of the tunnel. We have experienced giardia.

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