A tail we could wag

Last Locust puppy play date by abbyef, via Flickr. Our German shepherd Pyrrha gives a dramatic play bow. #gsd
Pyrrha during a play date.

“In times of joy, all of us wished we possessed a tail we could wag.”

— W.H. Auden

. . . . . . . . . . .

Happy Friday! Isn’t a wag such a wonderful, happy thing to observe?

One of my favorite facts about Pyrrha is that I can just look at her from across the room and smile, and her tail starts to wag. Or I say her name. Or, “Hey, good girl.” With a fearful dog like P, this is so deeply heartwarming to me, that just receiving a little verbal affection and recognition from me can make her tail thump on the floor.

Eden, however, is not prone to give many wags. She takes herself VERY seriously. We get lots of wags (and body slams and face nips) when we greet her first thing in the morning, or upon coming home from work, but she is not very liberal in handing out wags. But in play, you get a few intense, focused wags. It’s hard to explain, but they are much more focused than Pyrrha’s calm, slow wags; Eden wags with intention.

Is your dog very wag-gy? Or does he or she keep a more silent tail?


8 thoughts on “A tail we could wag

  1. I mentioned this a little on my blog yesterday–Silas wags rarely enough that we comment on it to each other. “Look! He’s wagging!” He wags when somebody comes home, and when we’re training. Sometimes when we’re playing. Otherwise, no.

    1. It’s interesting, because I’d surmise that shy/fearful dogs wag less than stable, confident dogs, but Pyrrha is definitely the wag-gier of our two, and she’s certainly the more fearful one. Dunno why.

  2. I’m noticing Ruby’s tail wagging more and more, and it makes me so happy. For the first couple months it was almost non-existent. At her waggiest she is playing tug, doing tricks or digging.

  3. Riley didn’t wag much until we fostered a REALLY waggy dog for a bit; it’s almost like she needed another dog to demo “this is how it’s done” so she could understand how to “talk” that way. Of course, she’s still not a huge wagger, but she does it much more than she used to…

  4. Kaya & Norman are very waggy! Norman gets his whole body into it. I pretty much just have to look at them or talk to them and their tails start movin’. It gets particularly dangerous when stranger say hi to them…you’d better watch your drink!

  5. Justus wags his tail and butt. Others wag tails as they are resting – I just need to look at them and somehow, they respond. Knowing some of the sad tales from where some came, this warms my heart; I feel trusted. I always want to be worthy.

  6. Our dogs are very wagging, hence the name of my blog. I always want to keep their tails wagging. What I love is that each of our dogs also wipes their face when I say their name and smile. I love it when they make that move.

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