Springtime in the backyard

We had a beautiful weekend of yard work, and the dogs spent all day outside, basking in the sun, chomping on sticks, and playing with each other (and some other pups; pics to come soon).

Playing in the yard with the girls

Playing in the yard with the girls

Playing in the yard with the girls

Playing in the yard with the girls

Playing in the yard with the girls

I love watching them play together. Most of the time, they’re just peacefully coexisting in the house, but in the yard, they like to go wild and play chase and wrestle. It always warms my heart to be reminded that they actually like each other (even though they will still grumble from time to time, like any pair of siblings).

Playing in the yard with the girls
This crazy baby just started her womanly rite of passage.

Our news, as of this morning, is that Eden started her first heat. Which is kind of a bummer, but also maybe a good thing, because I keep hearing studies that confirm that waiting longer to spay is beneficial for dogs, especially large breeds. Guion called me five or six times before I showed up at work this morning, and when I called him back, thinking some terrible emergency had happened, he said, “Um, there are all of these little blood droplets on the floor… and Eden can’t stop licking herself…” Well, there you have it. “I think you need to take her on a girls’ weekend and explain the mysteries of life to her now,” he said. Guess so! Also wonder if I should buy her some ice cream and some fashion magazines so she can curl up on the couch until the cramps subside… πŸ˜‰

Playing in the yard with the girls
The side of the fence that we want to make a privacy fence. Exhibit A: The trampoline.

What happened in your households this weekend?


5 thoughts on “Springtime in the backyard

  1. How long are you planning to wait to spay her? I’m always curious about these decisions. I didn’t neuter Silas until he was a year old, because I’d read the studies about bone growth and ligament development. Also, I needed him to learn how to territory mark, because he was terrified to use the bathroom away from home.

    I’m surprised, honestly, that the rescue let you have her unspayed. I think it was a good decision on their part, but I’m still surprised.

    1. Yes, the rescue almost always spays immediately, but we were supposed to be Edie’s foster family, so if she had been a foster with us for longer, we would have been asked to spay her early. (Interestingly enough, Pyrrha also wasn’t spayed until she was a year old, because that’s when she was brought into rescue, so I’m thankful for that as well!)

      I think we may also wait until she’s a year old, which is only a few more months, particularly once we survive her first heat.

  2. Haha! So funny that Guion called you in a near panic πŸ™‚

    Personally, I believe it’s best to wait a year or two before spaying a German shepherd, but of course we all have to do what is best for our own unique dogs.

    Love the happy pics of your dogs playing!

  3. haha! Love the playing pictures!
    I’m with you on the later spay/neuter for larger dogs, for sure. We waited 2 1/2 years for Moses (okay, maybe that’s a bit long, but he had a failing show career too). Alma came to us spayed, which I think the rescue did when they got her, which means she would’ve been about 2. I get the practical reasons why rescues spay/neuter puppies, but for me and my own dogs – which will always be big ones – I prefer to make the decision myself based on other health factors.

  4. Lovely to see them playing πŸ™‚

    I’ve got the “joy” of Ella’s first heat to come yet. Even though she’s a toy breed I’m going to wait until she’s at least two before I decide whether to spay her or not. Reason being is that I was still seeing physical and behavioural development in Ted at 2 years of age and I am of the opinion that the hormones are important in physical and mental development. I really don’t buy that the toy breeds are done maturing by one year old.

    Whether I then spay her will be down to how much of an issue it is having her come into heat which I feel l need to go through a few cycles with her to really know. I am hoping it is manageable as it will feel awful to alter her for my own convenience and the risk of spay incontinence is too high for my liking.

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