Dog health recently

Family goodbyes at Easter
The dogs saying goodbye to my sister and her husband last weekend.

The good news: Eden is all clear for giardia!

The bad news: Pyrrha now has giardia.

Ugh. I kind of wondered if this would happen. We’ve been so vigilant about cleaning up the yard, but my best guess is that Eden transferred it from all of the kissing. She licks herself, and then she loves to lick Pyrrha’s mouth. We also got their food bowls mixed up, so there could have been a remnant there, too. Anyway, now Pyrrha is undergoing treatment, and our house is in a police state. The poor girls don’t know what’s going on, or why we yell at them for licking themselves and then trying to kiss each other. Just hope it will all be over soon!

The additional good news is that, aside from the giardia, Pyrrha had a good annual check-up at the vet. She’s at a trim 64 lbs., and the vet complimented the health of her coat and teeth. Pyrrha was a huge baby about the exam itself, but our vet is a pro with shy dogs, which is wonderful. And as soon as the vet and vet tech pulled out some treats, Pyrrha acted like she’d never been afraid of anything, throwing tricks right and left. Such a diva.

Eden is finishing up her first heat, finally. It lasted about 10 or 11 days. I thought she had a UTI, because she had started peeing small amounts in her crate, which she had never done before. We did a urine analysis, though, and it came back normal, so the vet thinks it’s probably just related to her heat, but we’re keeping an eye on that as well.

Moral of the story: Don’t have dogs?? I don’t know. We couldn’t have prevented any of this (as the vet thinks Eden came to us harboring giardia), and I am assuaged by the fact that none of these health issues are the direct result of them being German shepherds, but I still feel like blaming their breed. GSDs are genetically cursed, right?? You gotta blame someone! Hah. Our wallet is suffering.

Unrelated: Thanks everyone for all of the comments and great conversation on yesterday’s post about the pro-purebred and pro-rescue camps. I always enjoy hearing from all of you and your experiences!


5 thoughts on “Dog health recently

  1. It’s good that P’s vet visit went well, even if you didn’t want that diagnosis. I honestly worry every time I have to take in Silas that he’s going to be a freak. Considering his general distrust of strangers, though, he does really well. He adores our new vet tech–I hope she sticks around longer than the one Silas didn’t like.

  2. I’m still giving a lot of thought to your great post yesterday.

    Giardia is the pits! I volunteered at a vet clinic in jr. high and high school and remember having a case in the office and then lots of very vigilant disinfecting, and the vet sent me home with the vaccine to give our own dogs so they wouldn’t get it.

    I love that picture of you and your family!

  3. Ah crappy! Hopefully Pyrrha gets through it quickly! It would be similar in our house – Moses would give to Alma or vice versa, despite our best efforts. They swap enough saliva we’d need to fully segregate them, and even then…

  4. Well, the best way to keep your dog or pet healthy and fit is to register for some suitable pet insurance plan and make sure to check with some veterinary clinic if anything wrong noticed with your pet’s health.

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