Remedies for itchy pups

I’m happy to report that after a few months of daily fish oil supplements, Eden’s itchiness — and the condition of her coat — have seen a dramatic improvement. Her coat is now much silkier, and she scratches herself far less often. I’m delighted with these results, and we will certainly keep up the fish oil supplements for her.

Creative Commons license.
Creative Commons license.

We were sent a sample of Itch Relief spray, which is put out by, the organization that sends out at-home pet allergy tests. Unfortunately, because Eden’s itchiness had already more or less cleared up by the time we received the sample, we aren’t able to comment on its effectiveness. But it does seem like an interesting product and possibly helpful for more chronically scratchy dogs.

Have you ever used an itch relief spray for your scratchy pup?

Disclosure: We were provided with a sample of the itch spray, but we were not able to try this product ourselves, so we cannot attest to its effectiveness.


6 thoughts on “Remedies for itchy pups

  1. Poor Zoey has been itchy for months! We’ve tried everything including fish oil and coconut oil. The vet says it’s skin infections but we haven’t figured out how to clear them up, even with antibiotics and medicated baths:( My mom said maybe she’s allergic to the cat, is that a thing?

  2. Max the Maltese is a super itchy guy who actually needs steroids to control breakouts and inflammation along with itching. We finally found a regimen that works to keep him comfy and minimize the amount of medicine he needs. He now gets bathed with “Douxo” brand medicated shampoo followed by a leave-in rinse called “Resicort”. Expensive stuff even on Amazon but it is the only therapy we found that works without heavy doses of possibly dangerous drugs.

  3. Fortunately I do not have itchy dogs, but I do supplement with liquid fish oil. My sister has an old bully breed mix, and his skin has been looking rough the past few months. She started supplementing with Grizzly about 6 weeks ago, giving about 1.5 times the suggested dose, and he has had a major improvement.

  4. Ya know, Lamar has chronic itchies too. I think it’s flea allergies in his case, in the summer. We haven’t used a spray, but we have had good results with dilute solutions of tea tree oil.

  5. When our dogs are itchy, there’s usually a reason that we can figure out (now – in the beginning it was tough, but we know our pack well now). We use medicated wipes formulated for dogs for itchy paws (after fresh cut grass or a rainy day). We use a product by Natural Paws to keep their ears clean (another itchy spot). And we spray them with a natural flea and tick repellent to repel pests.

    Skin itchiness was resolved by adding salmon oil to their diet.

    We did try and itchy spray once, but I’m such a spastic that I got it on myself, nearly in my eye, and then I was afraid that I’d get it into Rodrigo’s eyes. Yep, I’m just that dramatic sometimes – LOL

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