Pretty puppy | Eden at 10 months

Eden is 10 months old now, and it seems strange that we’ve had her for half of her life!

Pretty, crazy baby

She’s certainly learned our household routines, and she and Guion have really developed a special bond. It warms my heart, because one of the top qualifications for Dog No. 2 was that he or she would love Guion (as Pyrrha may never truly bond with him as she has with me). Eden has certainly met that requirement. The two of them play Frisbee together almost every day, and Guion certainly is showered with more excitable affection than I am. (Which I am really OK with, because she really goes for you in the morning.)

Pretty, crazy baby

Now that we’ve survived her back-to-back litany of health issues (suspected victim of exocrine pancreatic insufficiency that turned out to be a bad case of giardia → first heat → presumed UTI → gaining weight → cut quick of her nail), she’s doing quite well. She’s also finally packing on the pounds, and I daresay she is turning out to be quite a beautiful girl.

Pretty, crazy baby

But good grief, German shepherd adolescence is exhausting. I know this is true of many (if not all) active, working breeds, but I feel envious of people who have Basset hounds. Or whatever breed just flops around on the couch all day. Eden NEVER STOPS. We had a house guest recently who was watching her and commented, “Wow, does she ever stop moving??” The answer is no, never. Think twice before you get a GSD, folks!

All that said, we love her, and we’re thankful she’s in our lives. Even if she is a wild thing.


8 thoughts on “Pretty puppy | Eden at 10 months

  1. My sheppie just got over that phase recently … it will happen 🙂

    She hit two and it was like someone hit a switch. Suddenly she was much more willing to lay down and chill and really only wanted to run after the ball 2-3 throws at a time.

    Honestly, I miss it sometimes. Since we do competition sports, that high energy could be channeled into fast learning and fun games.

  2. Silas got a lot better at 18 months, but we still have to be *very* careful about what we let him badger us into doing. He very quickly relearns things like how to poke us with his toy to throw from 6:00 until bedtime. I basically had to set an amount of activity that I felt was adequate, and then cut him off.

  3. She is such a pretty girl! I’m so glad to hear that she’s gaining weight. You guys are doing a phenomenal job.

  4. She looks so adult! We noticed big changes in Moses when he turned 2 and then again at 3. Unfortunately, around 1 he went through a terrible adolescent phase that wasn’t a tonne of fun.

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