A Real-Life Drama

Creative Commons license.
Creative Commons license.

A Real-Life Drama
Michael Collier

This dog standing in the middle of the street,
tail stiff, fur bushy with fear, and a pedigree rabbit,
its neck broken and bleeding beneath his paws,
might have been forgiven or simply taken away

and shot under different circumstances
and no one would have said much, except his owner
who’d gone out into the yard at the start
of the commotion, having been involved

at other times with the dog’s truancies, and yelled,
“Bosco, Bosco, goddamnit!” but unavailing,
and everyone understanding that once more Bosco
had been taken over by the dark corner of his nature.

But this other sentiment we shared as well: the man
Who’d raised the rabbit shouldn’t husband something
so rare and beautiful he couldn’t keep it
from the likes of Bosco.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

How we are still startled and shocked when our dogs actually act like what they are… dogs.
Have you seen an example of this in your dog life lately? Hope you all have charming weekends!

3 thoughts on “A Real-Life Drama

  1. Great poem.

    I remember how upset my husband was years ago when our dog Christie killed a baby raccoon living under our porch. I don’t think he ever forgave her.

    It was then I realized how little he realized the true nature of a dog. And that they don’t exist solely for us but have an essence and nature all their own.

  2. My parents have a springer spaniel that kills things pretty regularly out in the yard – baby birds, an occasional rodent, whatever she can catch. She is very much a hunter.

    Enjoyed the poem.

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    Best wishes Molly

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