Lazy summer play with Roland

Play date with Roland

This past weekend, we had Roland (aka Pyrrha’s BFF) over for a play-date. But we forgot that dogs are SO lazy in this Southern, summer heat… and so there was a lot more lounging than playing going on.

Play date with Roland

Still, I know the girls always enjoy having a friend over — even if everyone was fantastically lazy.

Play date with Roland

Play date with Roland

It’s always nice to have Roland visit, because Pyrrha is so familiar with him that I’m never worried about how she might react when he comes around. She is always at ease when Roland is over.

Eden is still learning how to chill out when dogs visit. We usually help redirect her insane barking and leaping by giving her a ball to chomp on; this keeps her engaged without going overboard and, importantly, it keeps her quiet.

Play date with Roland

Does your dog have a best dog friend? The kind of dog that you’re always at ease about?

3 thoughts on “Lazy summer play with Roland

  1. Boca is cool with everyone so far. Ruby’s BFF is her “cousin” – my aunt’s Labradoodle, Hachi. Hachi weighs about 65 pounds but is so gentle and patient, letting Ruby gnaw on her all day.

  2. Yes! Lucas’ BFF is our neighbor dog, Cady. They are so in love with each other! The other two get along great with her – and she with them – but her bond is really with Lucas. The two of them will bark and whine at each other through the open windows of our houses. It’s very sweet.

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