Writing process of a lax dog blogger

With thanks to Rebekah at My Rotten Dogs for the nomination and kind words, here are some thoughts about the secondary, quiet life of this particular dog blogger.

Nothing P hates more than a selfie.
What am I working on?

Truthfully, not much, by way of dog blogging. I’ve been feeling somewhat bereft of good ideas lately, and I’m hoping this is just a season that will pass. I have three dog book reviews in the docket, however, which I am looking forward to. In my real life, I’m a voracious reader, and so I always enjoy the opportunity to combine dogs and books, my two chief interests.

Why do I write what I do?

I started this blog in May 2011, a year before we adopted Pyrrha, with a dual purpose: (1) to chronicle my journey in learning everything I could about dogs before we got one of our own, and (2) to save my marriage, because my husband was sick of me talking about dogs night and day. Ha! The blog has proven to be a fun, fruitful endeavor, and I’m thankful for all of you — the community of dog bloggers. You have been so consistently helpful, supportive, and encouraging. I continue to write because my enthusiasm for dogs has not dimmed — and because our girls provide plenty of challenges and blogging fodder.

How does my writing process work?

Ideas will often come to me throughout the week, and I’ll start a draft post with some notes. I love WordPress (and I find it far superior to Blogger, having used both platforms), and I find its functionality very helpful to my drafting and organizing process. Taking photos of particular dog events, outings, and play-dates often serve as motivation to create a post, too. I need to do a better job of using my DSLR; since I got an iPhone, I’ve become increasingly lazy about “real” photography and have tended to rely on my phone.

I’d love to hear from you, fellow dog bloggers: How do you stay inspired and motivated with your blog? How do you pull yourself out of the inevitable ruts?


9 thoughts on “Writing process of a lax dog blogger

  1. Ha – you were going to be one of my nominees when I finally get around to my writing process post!
    I was intimidated by WordPress at first and decided on Blogger, but now that I have gotten acquainted with WP through my poetry blog, I regret not using it for Rubicon Days.

  2. Abby, have you read Inside of a Dog by Alexandra Horowitz? I would love to read your review of it. Another book that I highly highly recommend is So That Others May Live by Caroline Hebard. Very very VERY good book!

    Also, I wouldn’t call you a lax blogger! Myself, however… 😛 Do you keep a list of topics anywhere, to fall back on when you can’t think of anything? I am considering doing that, as I would like to post more than I have been.

  3. I was definitely in a rut for awhile but jumping back into fostering and researching dog products/training tools really helped to inspire me! At the end of the day, I just love sharing Ru’s personality and I love photography. At the very least, I will use any excuse to snap as many photos as possible of my guy.

  4. The killer for me is that sometimes, I have more good ideas than I can use in a week. So, I started writing them down in a list on my phone so that I have fodder for those times when I feel like things are sort of lackluster and uninspired. As for photography, I admit it, I’m a camera snob. It would have to be a dire situation for me to use an iPhone picture on the blog! But I participate in several groups on Flickr with daily photo challenges, and sometimes the pictures I take end up inspiring me for other blog posts.

  5. Inspiration is everywhere when you live with 4 dogs in a dog loving town. I get out of my rut by redirecting my focus to the task at hand. My problem is that I tend to get overwhelmed by looking at the whole, instead of the piece; I also start focusing on the wrong things – once I remember why I love to blog, the rut disappears.

    Thanks for sharing. I didn’t know why you started and I love it.

  6. I write in spurts. Sometimes I have more ideas than days, so I just write. Hopefully when dry spells come I’ll have enough extras that nobody notices! But dry spells come and the harder I think about them the more blocked I get. My block busters are:
    1) Tell myself I’m writing the blog for fun. If it’s not fun DON’T DO IT! Take a break if necessary.
    2) Grab the dog and go somewhere fun. The Arboretum is my happy place.
    3) Get friends together for game night or girls’ day out. Think about something OTHER than the blog.
    4) Wine (not whine), tacos, brownies, stupid-funny movies. (Adam Sandler is my guilty pleasure.)
    Best of luck. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

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