Small Poem about the Hounds and the Hares

Release the hounds!
Photo I took of a local hunt in central North Carolina, November 2012.

Small Poem about the Hounds and the Hares

Lisel Mueller

After the kill, there is the feast.
And toward the end, when the dancing subsides
and the young have sneaked off somewhere,
the hounds, drunk on the blood of the hares,
begin to talk of how soft
were their pelts, how graceful their leaps,
how lovely their scared, gentle eyes.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Even though I am not a fan of hunting, I love this little poem, and the notion that the dogs could be having such dreamy thoughts about their prey. Most likely, they’re just like, “OMG HARE MUST EAT.” But still. It’s a nice idea, Lisel Mueller.

Has your dog ever killed a wild thing? What do you think was going through his or her mind?

(Oh, yeah, and happy Friday!)


7 thoughts on “Small Poem about the Hounds and the Hares

  1. Lasya was my huntress. She leapt up and grabbed a squirrel right out of the tree in my backyard once, and she and her BFF Scout triangulated a rabbit’s demise in a field at my mom’s house. Although Ruby goes berzerk over every rabbit she sees, with her fearful nature I’m not sure what she would do if she actually *caught* one, since she is wary even of bugs when she has them cornered.

  2. Elka killed a moth once. She brought it to me and looked up at me with Disney eyes like, “What’s wrong with it?” I also once watched her play with a Daddy Long Legs for 15 minutes without hurting it.

    She chases squirrels if they’re in our yard. I don’t know what she’d do if she actually caught one.

  3. Silas is like Ruby–I suspect one stern look from Squirrel, The Enemy, and he would melt into a puddle. He likes to chase the lizards, until he gets close enough to touch it, and then he’s all “Mommy! Help!”

    As for hunting, I’ve circled back around these days. I don’t like wanton destruction, but I think most animals that are hunted for food meet a more humane end than their supermarket alternatives.

  4. Many hunts don’t allow the dogs to kill the rabbits 0r hares anymore.

    Many a small animal has died at the “hands” of my hounds. Emma swallowed a mouse live years ago; two years ago, on Easter, a rabbit met it’s demise in my yard – on EASTER! Moles die regularly. Same Emma waited for baby birds to fall out of nests – she was THE huntress.

  5. Love that photo you took! So pretty, and I’ve never seen anything like that.

    Ace is not much of a hunter, but my parents have a springer that kills small animals and birds whenever she gets the chance. I’m impressed by her speed!

  6. Luckily the only thing Kaya and Norman like to hunt is each other…but I think it more of a game of catch me if you can:) They like to stare at gofer holes but the few times I’ve seen them pop out, the dogs just continue to look at them.

    Gina has caught a few birds which propels me into a state of panic because I have a crippling bird phobia:( I’m sure she is delighted…

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