September dog expenses

Mischief maker

(I’m biased, but I think this psycho puppy is super-beautiful.)

A breakdown of what we spent on the dogs in September:

  • 6 September 2014 / Kibble / Tractor Supply / $51.00
  • 22 September 2014 / Kibble / Tractor Supply / $53.00
  • 24 September 2014 / Self-serve bath for Eden / Wash & Wag / $20.00

Total dog expenses for September: $124.00

(Previous month’s expenses: $177.10)

6 thoughts on “September dog expenses

  1. You’re not biased! She is absolutely gorgeous!

    It’s smart that you keep track of your monthly spending. I think I will try my hand at that to see how much we spend on our boy, Hunter.

  2. She is gorgeous. I really should track my pet expenses but I think I don’t want to know…
    I budget $200/month for pets (this of course does not include THE HORSE) in my “envelope” system, but I am always cheating and buying them things from the grocery and pocket money categories. September had several vet visits for Ruby and the cat but thankfully they were not terribly big bills.

  3. Beautiful girl!

    I’ve thought about copying what you do, but the start-up costs would have been the most interesting (for potential readers) and horrifying (for me). So I just keep not doing it…

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