Eden’s annual checkup

Eden at the vet | Doggerel

Eden had her annual check-up at the vet on Friday, and I’m happy to report that she got the all-clear! After those exhausting and expensive months figuring out her health issues (which turned out to be a heavy-duty case of giardia, which somehow kept disguising itself in tests), it’s relieving to know that she’s finally healthy.

She’s up to 55 pounds now, which is also great. During the giardia struggle, she was down to a very skinny 43 pounds, which was just terrible. The vet said she could still probably gain a few more pounds and still be in a healthy range. She eats so much already and we’re never hesitant with the treats, because I think (a) she is burning calories all day long, as she is rarely ever still, and (b) she may just be one of those dogs with the high metabolism who will always be thin. Obviously, we will watch her weight conscientiously, but I’m happy with a trim, healthy pup.

Eden at the vet | Doggerel

Thanks to fish oil, her coat is also looking very shiny and healthy, and the vet commented on how much better her skin looked.

Behaviorally, I was dismayed by her nervousness at the vet. While we were waiting, we got to practice a lot of calm/settle behaviors, and she was happily focused on me and relaxed, but when the vet/technician came in, she was quite uncertain about their intentions (although she went up to greet them individually). She hadn’t displayed this kind of anxiety there before, and so it surprised me. She was very averse to being handled by the vet and the technician, but she was still taking treats from me throughout, and she was able to cool down once they stopped trying to check her out. I’m not sure what this means, except that we need to work more on her comfort level in being handled by strangers. The vet also mused on whether this burst of anxiety could be related to the recent conclusion of her second heat.

Regardless, we’re glad that our little psycho is finally in a good, healthy place!

Eden at the vet | Doggerel

How are your pups doing physically? Any good news to report?


4 thoughts on “Eden’s annual checkup

  1. Just started following your blog at the perfect time – glad to hear Eden got a clean bill of health! Year one usually has you at the vet the most, so hopefully it’s just check-ups from now on.

  2. That’s awesome! What a beauty:) Also, better to be lean than overweight!

    Zoey was in really bad shape a few months ago. She had constant hotspots, chewed all the hair off her tail & hind legs, she was never comfortable and was losing weight. She also had hind leg twitching(like kicking at her belly) that would happen all day & night, even in her sleep. She even had to live in her cone to prevent biting:( Every vet visit resulted a new round of antibiotics & more medicated baths which only irritated her more. Plus, they told us the twitching was from DM & would only get worse.

    We found a new vet who was worried she had cancer. Luckily, biopsies showed she does not have cancer. They injected antibiotics, prescribed prednisone & another drug for allergies. It started to work right away! She’s now down to just the allergy drug that she will stay on for life, all her hair has grown back, she has gained weight, no more leg twitching at all, no more biting and she has a TON of energy. We can not believe she is her old self again. She runs around like a puppy, just not as long or as far:)

  3. Awesome! Yay Eden! Does fish oil make a significant difference with her coat? What other supplements/vitamins do you give your dogs, if any?

    My dog Hunter has a ton of energy, but he’s such a picky eater that it’s hard for him to eat a full bowl of food. I’m starting to limit our walks a little bit so that he doesn’t burn that many calories. Like you, I’m happy that he’s super lean and energetic, but I wouldn’t mind an extra 5 lbs on him.

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