A quiet autumn with the dogs

We’ve been enjoying lovely weather lately, and the dogs are content. What more can you ask for?

Snapshots of backyard living:

Fall on the backyard

Honey baby

Odd allure of morning glories

Princess P

My only minor concern involving the pups is that Pyrrha has developed a small, strange little sore on her upper and lower lips. We’re in touch with the vet about it, and we’re switching up some routines to try to rule out possibilities (wound from rubbing/digging, allergies, autoimmune disorder). I’m sure she’ll be OK, but I feel kind of obsessive about it. I’m a hypochondriac on behalf of my dogs. Can anyone else relate??

Anyway. All will be well. How have you been spending your fall days?


8 thoughts on “A quiet autumn with the dogs

  1. I’m a terrible worrier about the dogs. I wasn’t always this way. I suspect that, having experienced significant loss, it’s a struggle for control over mortality, which I will never win, but I can certainly micromanage everything my dogs eat and do! I rush them off to the vet much more quickly than I did with my previous dogs, and also look them over so carefully that I notice any subtle change. I do wonder what it would be like to be more carefree.

  2. Oh, I am SUCH a worrier with these guys. Any little thing has me spinning. I’m sure it’s nothing – maybe something different in the air as the weather changes? – but I’ll keep my fingers crossed! Your yard is gorgeous, by the way. What’s your secret to keeping the grass alive with the dogs?!

    1. I certainly empathize! Thanks for the good wishes. As for the yard, thanks for the compliment, but it’s really just green weeds! Thankfully, neither of our girls are big diggers, so I think that helps. But we have no secrets. 🙂

  3. I worry about every little thing with the pups too, it’s a terrible habit that I can’t help but do! Here’s hoping the sore turns out to be nothing 🙂

  4. Gorgeous pictures! I dope Pyrrha is ok. Kaya recently got a huge red lump between her toes. I thought for sure it would pop and get infected but it just slowly went away. Dogs!

  5. Most people would probably ignore (let alone even find in the first place) a little sore like that on their dog, so if nothing else try and relax knowing that you already worry about her way more than the average owner would.

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