Eden is (finally) spayed

This past Tuesday, we finally got Eden spayed.

cone of shame

As you can see from this blurry phone photo, she wasn’t super-thrilled about it.

We waited to spay her until she was 16 months old, partially for health reasons and partially for outright laziness. I know the longer you wait to spay (especially large breeds), the better. And I am aware of the health debate regarding whether it’s good to spay at all. Anyway, regardless of those mini-controversies, we decided to spay, and I’m glad we did. Bitches in heat = not the best time I’ve ever had as a dog owner.

The real misery now comes from trying to keep this monster quiet (and away from her stitches) for the remainder of her recovery period…

Did you spay or neuter your dogs? If so, how did all of that go for you?

6 thoughts on “Eden is (finally) spayed

  1. Yay for getting her spayed!

    I have several veterinarians in my family, and they all say that actually, the sooner you spay, the better. But like any medical situation, to each his own as long as you’re in the care of a pro.

    Our boxer was a rescue and wasn’t spayed when she was picked up, so she was about a year and a half old by the time she was spayed. Our shih-tzu and Jack Russell terrier were both about 7 months old when they were spayed. They are now 8 and 11 years old respectively, and both very happy and healthy. Speedy recovery to Eden!

  2. Awe, poor conehead:( Kaya & Norman were fixed before leaving the shelter. Zoey is spayed as well, not sure when they did it but she was young & had no litters. I’m sure hormones must be a challenging thing to deal with for dogs who are not breeding.

    I once had a foster cat neutered & I expected him to be groggy after. Instead he went full psycho & tried to tear the house down for 24 hours! Hope Eden can hold herself together while she recovers:)

  3. We spayed Elka before her first heat, so at around 6 months, I want to say. Maybe 5 months. I really really didn’t want to even deal with it, and very definitely never intended to breed her.

  4. I agree that it’s better to wait as long as you can to spay or neuter. The girls were all spayed as adult dogs and the boy isn’t because he’s a working dog and his breeder strongly recommended waiting. Honestly, he’s very well behaved and not a problem.

  5. When we spayed Agatha and Christie we had a little issue. Christie would get after her stitches so we put her in a t-shirt and tied it around her waist. But every day we came home from work to find her naked. We had no idea how she was doing it until we finally caught Agatha helping her out of it.

    Someone the only time they were able to cooperate was in causing trouble.

    Hope Eden is able to put the collar aside soon and put this whole business behind her.

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