The patient British pup

Neighborhood on a Wednesday

Another entry in my ongoing series on the impressive patience of English dogs. This happy little guy was waiting outside a Pret in our neighborhood in London. I wanted to scoop him up, but I know that it is simply not done.

Neighborhood on a Wednesday

Teach me, O wise one, your patient ways, that I may import them to my wild shepherds in America…

I don’t tie up our dogs outside when running errands, simply for fear of all of the potentialities (namely, one of them feeling cornered by another dog and lashing out or Pyrrha feeling trapped by a child and attempting to bite), and so I always admire the dogs that seem to have so much composure.

Do you ever tether your dog while you are in a store? If so, how does he or she behave? (And if patiently, how did you train that?)

6 thoughts on “The patient British pup

  1. I would never tether my female 5-year-old Ridgeback mix rescue for similar reasons. She is dog reactive. She is uncomfortable around small children. She is hand shy. A small child running toward her with arms and hands outstretched is a recipe for loud barking and potentially a bite, altho’ she’s never bitten anyone of any dog. However, 70 pounds of ear splitting barking dog is scary.

    Plus she’s gorgeous.I’d be afraid someone would attempt to steal her if they could get a hand on the leash and cut it.

  2. I would never leave either of my boys outside a shop. I’ve seen too many dogs left outside shops in town, and being bothered by passersby who ignore their discomfort or requests for more space. One dog I really did think was going to bite as these strangers wouldn’t leave the poor dog alone, my heart was in my mouth!!

    Kasper is fearful of strangers, especially when they interact inappropriately (staring him in the eye, stern voice, reaching for the top of his head, leaning over him etc) so I’d never feel comfortable leaving him with anyone. Raiden on the other hand is very confident and happy with almost everything, but there’s no saying that a dog walking past won’t snap at him, or a child wouldn’t wind him up, or someone wouldn’t feed him a chicken bone or something…Just not worth the risk for me.

  3. I would never leave my dog tethered outside shops. I would worry that they would be stolen by someone wanting to use her for bait in dog fighting or simply because she’s a nice dog. And then there is also the risk that someone will tease or hurt her.

  4. New reader here — love what I’ve read so far! I used to tether my old dog outside coffee shops and similar while I ran in; he hung out patiently. Never did it if the store wasn’t set up so I could keep an eye on him, but it worked well and was common where I lived at the time: the very walkable (with numbers is good tether points) Somerville, MA.

    I wouldn’t try it with my current dogs right now; one is doc-reactive and the other is creatively naughty. But the latter will probably be a fine candidate for it with more age and training, in which case I don’t see why not given, again, a decent tether point and visibility.

  5. Yep, I have tethered both of my dogs, although I was concerned about our (sadly departed) Bichon, he was gorgeous in every way. They have both been patient and well-behaved, but I have always checked on them and been close at hand if needed.

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