A German shepherd in London

While enjoying a drink at the New Inn (where pub dogs Gin and Fizzy reside), a man walked by with this handsome pup:

Dogs in St. John's Wood

Heart all a flutter! I said, “Your dog is beautiful,” and he smiled, and I responded that we had two German shepherds at home. It’s always a good “in” if you want to pet a shepherd, which is not something that I generally ask, but bereft of P and E for the summer, my dog-craziness has reached unsustainable levels. He kindly replied that we could, and his dog sniffed me gently and let me pet him for a bit.

9-mo.-old GSD in the neighborhood

The man told us that the shepherd was 9 months old and from a West German imported line. “I’m pretty fit,” he told us, “but he makes me look like a slob.” German shepherds will do that to you!

Dogs in St. John's Wood

The dog was beautifully calm and very attentive to his person. He was also heeling very nicely, and I was pleased to see that he didn’t have a very exaggerated back end, which always makes me happy. It’s always nice to meet a stable, young breed ambassador. Live long and prosper, British German shepherd pup!

5 thoughts on “A German shepherd in London

  1. We were at an agricultural show a few weeks ago that had a fairly serious dog show section, and I was happy to see that a few of the GSDs were impressively straight backed. There were a few with horribly sloping rears, but I’d say over half weren’t too bad.

  2. Beautiful! What was he doing with the two leashes? I’m curious if he had one attached to a collar and one to a harness or something like that. Always looking for ideas for my pup!

    1. You have sharp eyes! To be honest, I didn’t even notice the leashes, ha! I’m really not sure… I think your guess is a good one (one attached to a harness and one to the collar).

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