Returning home to a skunk problem

Creative Commons license.
Creative Commons license.

We are settling back into our home life with the dogs, but our backyard seems to have acquired a very unwelcome new resident: a skunk.

Two nights in a row, each dog got sprayed (“skunked”) in the face. Two nights in a row. It is the most unpleasant smell and the least enjoyable bath-time for both dogs and humans. The second time it happened, I opened the back door to let the dogs out for a final potty run, and the skunk was just a few yards away from the door, hanging out under our spruce tree. Both dogs raced toward it, of course, and ignored my hysterical reaction.

We have since set a have-a-heart trap in the backyard, but I don’t know what our plan is if we actually catch it. I’m just very ready for the cute, stinky varmint to live elsewhere.

Have you ever dealt with a skunk problem? Has your dog been skunked?

4 thoughts on “Returning home to a skunk problem

  1. Boomer, the boxer who came to stay with us for two weeks, seems to love skunks a lot more than they love him! He’s been “skunked” multiple times – I would venture a guess that it happens at least once a year. My poor mom…

  2. Yes – I’ve had a dog that was skunked and it is very difficult to every truly remove the smell. Every time she got wet in the rain for the rest of her life, you smelled skunk. Because we are building in areas that were originally skunk habitat, we have more and more issues with interactions. I recommend installing large flood lights on your property and making noise before letting the dogs out.

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