May dog expenses


A breakdown of what we spent on the dogs in May:

  • 8 May 2014 / Kibble / Tractor Supply / $51.00
  • 28 May 2014 / Fish oil pills, dental chews / $38.18
  • 30 May 2014 / Kibble / Tractor Supply / $33.00

Total dog expenses for May: $122.18

(Previous month’s expenses: $620.69)

Whew, a much better month than April! I’ll take it…

April dog expenses

Sisters on the move.

A breakdown of what we spent on the dogs in April:

  • 1 April 2014 / TLI + cobalamin blood tests and giardia test for Eden / Vet / $164.00
  • 2 April 2014 / Panacur to treat Eden’s giardia / Vet / $53.50
  • 7 April 2014 / Kibble and treats / / $50.97
  • 9 April 2014 / Prescription food for Eden / / $37.44
  • 9 April 2014 / Self-serve bath at groomer for Eden / Wash & Wag / $13.00
  • 22 April 2014 / Pyrrha’s annual exam + giardia tests for both girls / Vet / $178.00
  • 23 April 2014 / Panacur to treat Pyrrha’s giardia + urine analysis for Eden’s presumed UTI / Vet / $70.78
  • 26 April 2014 / Kibble / Tractor Supply / $53

Total dog expenses for April: $620.69

(Previous month’s expenses: $377.42)

Good grief. This has been a really rough month for us. Cannot get these dogs well! Here’s to hoping that everyone is healthy in May.

March dog expenses

Apparently the dogs are REALLY into oranges.
Begging for oranges. Weirdos.

A breakdown of what we spent on the dogs in March:

Date Item(s) Source Spent
03/03/2014 Kibble, Zuke’s treats (2 bags), canine toothbrush, Eden’s fish oil supplement (Welactin) $70.56
03/05/2014 Frontline Plus (6-month supply) and poop bags $66.08
03/19/2014 Vet visit for Eden (wellness, prescriptions, and heartworm prevention) Vet $187.80
03/20/2014 Kibble and a collar for Eden $52.98

Total dog expenses for March: $377.42

Expensive month, but we had a few outliers: a vet visit and needing to restock on flea and tick and heartworm prevention. Here’s to hoping that April will be kinder on the budget!

February dog expenses

I’ve always been interesting in reading how much people spend on their dogs every month. When I was first starting in my journey of learning about dogs, reading posts about dog finances were also very helpful to me in my attempts at planning. (For example, M.C. at the House of Two Bows has always kept a very detailed log of her dog expenses, and you can find the archives here.)

Nap time
Sleepy Edie.

To follow in this suit, I think it would be helpful for me, now that we have two large dogs, to keep track of how much I’m spending on them each month.

February was a blessedly cheap month for us! Kind of unusual. (No vet visits, no supplies, just food and treats.)

Date Item Source Spent
02/10/2014 Kibble (Taste of the Wild, Wetlands) and training treats Tractor Supply $51.59
 02/24/2014  Greenies  Tractor Supply  $10.52
 TOTAL  $62.11

Do you keep track of how much you spend on your pets? It is helpful to you? Or just depressing?