Some special shepherds up for adoption

The rescue that we foster for, Southeast German Shepherd Rescue (SGSR), has a ton of beautiful, special dogs up for adoption right now. As we are in a brief foster-less interim period, I just felt like highlighting some of these lovely pups!

First up, this gorgeous special-needs girl:



Malaika is a 6-month-old puppy who was born with an S-shaped spine, which means that her back legs are paralyzed. But this disability doesn’t dampen this pretty girl’s spirit!

She is being fostered by a truly amazing and generous family in Virginia Beach, who is giving her everything she needs to succeed, including a wheelchair, physical therapy, training, and lots and lots of love!mal2

Look at her go! Here’s Malaika trying out her wheelchair recently. Such a happy girl! mal16

And here she is learning how to walk on her own! There are lots of heartwarming videos of Mali’s progress on her foster family’s YouTube page too, which I highly recommend.mal18

It’s been really touching to follow her progress. If you’re interested in Malaika’s story, check out the SGSR Phoenix Dog Program (an offshoot of the rescue that highlights special-need dogs). Here’s to hoping that Mali finds her very own home soon. She is such a brave and determined girl!

Malaika’s adoption profile on SGSR



Audrey is a gorgeous 2-year-old who has been waiting way too long for her forever home. She has been with the rescue for a year now, and is being patiently and lovingly fostered in Virginia.

Audrey is a sweet and intelligent girl, and she is very tolerant of children. I got to meet her at an SGSR adoption event with Laszlo, while we were still fostering him. These little kids kept running right up to her, and she was very gentle and sweet with them and not startled at all. I was very impressed.

Her only flaw is that she has trouble with other dogs. The presence of other dogs seems to really agitate her (she had a hard time calming down at the adoption event because of the dogs nearby), and so she needs to go to a home where she could be the solo canine. I have hope that the perfect home is still out there!20130601Audrey-70Isn’t it hard to believe that this beautiful girl STILL hasn’t been adopted? Hold out hope, pretty one.

Audrey’s adoption profile on SGSR



I had to feature this 10-month-old stud because I think he looks SO much like Pyrrha! Can you see the resemblance too?

Loki is a high-energy young male who is being fostered in Virginia. He is very affectionate and gregarious lad, and he would benefit from a lot of obedience training, just to teach him some basic manners!Loki2I have a feeling it won’t take much time at all before Loki gets snatched up by a family.

Loki’s adoption profile on SGSR



Eva is a petite 4-year-old girl who was sadly returned to the rescue, through no fault of her own.

She is a gentle and shy soul who needs a comfortable home where she can be at ease. Eva is great with other dogs and enjoys playing with them. Children seem to make her a bit nervous, however, so she may be best in a no-child home. Eva2Eva just needs someone who will understand her. I hope that person will find her soon!

Eva’s adoption profile on SGSR

All of these dogs are available for adoption, so share with your networks, if you feel willing! SGSR adopts to Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and parts of Georgia and Tennessee.

For more information, please visit:

Southeast German Shepherd Rescue
SGSR on Facebook
SGSR Phoenix Dog Program