Noisy, impromptu play-date

I wasn’t planning on hosting dogs this weekend, but my friend Sarah (Roland’s mama) called and said that she was dog-sitting a boisterous Plott hound mix and that he could really burn off some steam. So, what better way to do that than a romp in the yard? Pyrrha was certainly ready for it.

Atticus is a feisty Plott hound mix with quite the pair of lungs.

A rare moment of silence

He spent a good portion of the play-date doing this:

Majority of the play date

Baying, baying, and then some barks thrown in for good measure!

I could see the neighbors peering out of their windows, trying to figure out what was going on. Pyrrha and her pack of friends tend to be rather quiet dogs, and so it’s rare to hear much dog noise coming from our yard. After 45 minutes or so, Atticus finally toned down the barking, but by then, Roland had decided that this barking stuff looked like fun and he began to follow suit.

Graceful Roland

Aside from all the noise, Atticus fell in nicely with Pyrrha and Roland, who are already fast friends.

Play time

The trio


Atticus tended to get a bit irritated with Roland and Pyrrha during certain moments, and he’d lash out for a second, but he seemed to be able to recover himself after a time. We occasionally had to pull them apart and give them some space, but they got along without much needed intervention.

Atticus and Pyrrha

After a while, we decided to take the trio on a walk around the neighborhood, to get them to cool their jets a bit, and that was pleasant. And much quieter!

Best buds

Being around a very vocal dog makes you really appreciative of how quiet your own dog is… 😉