Thankful for a sunny weekend

We were so thankful for a bright, spring-like weekend here, after what has felt like the longest winter ever.

P on the deck
Happy P on the deck.

The girls got to spend tons of time outside — taking walks, hosting play-dates, playing Frisbee.

Best friends reunited
Best friends reunited.

We got to have Roland over again, which was fun — particularly for Pyrrha. It always interests me to note how the dogs do seem to have preferences for other dogs. Eden and Fiona, for example, adore each other and could (and do) play for hours on end without stopping. Pyrrha is interested in Fiona, but doesn’t engage with her much (even though Fiona is frequently trying to curry favor from Pyrrha). But when Roland showed up, Pyrrha was ecstatic: happy yips, play-bows, shoulder taps, etc. Entirely different behavior than when Fiona comes over.

Begging from Brian (Roland’s human).

Here’s to hoping for many more sunny, warm weekends! We surely need them.

With her prey
Eden with her “prey” (killed the neighbor kid’s soccer ball).

How were your weekends? Did you get to take any excursions?