Pup links!

Three danes in a room. Click for source.

Dog-related links from around the Web this week!

What Dogs Want. This might be one of the best things I’ve seen on the Internet. Cartoonist Lisa Hanawalt shows us what dogs really want: To chase pigeons with hot dogs in their beaks. A tennis ball bride. A house made of old fish. (The Hairpin)

Dog Walking Bliss. Karen London reflects on why it’s always good to take a walk. (The Bark)

Is a Half-Hour of Exercise Just Enough to Make a Dog Hyper? Professional dog walker Lindsay shares her experiences and thoughts on the topic that a typical walk may be enough just to rev your dog’s engine–not to wear him out. This makes me feel guilty for thinking my 20-minute walks with the SPCA dogs are enough to sate them for a few hours. If only we all had more time! (That Mutt)

The World of Dog Walking: 5 Surprising Facts. Another professional dog walker shares some interesting bits of new research about walking dogs. For instance, dogs tend to act more aggressively when they are walked by men. Interesting… (The Hydrant)

Dog Photos by Mark Peckmezian. Charming and faded photographs of dogs by photographer Mark Peckmezian. (Miss Moss)

Sleeping Dogs Lie. A collection of photos of sighthounds sleeping in piles. (DesertWindHounds)

The Welcome Decline of the German Shepherd. Quoting from Susan Orlean’s new book, Rin Tin Tin, which I just finished, this blogger reflects on why it might be a good thing that the GSD is not as popular as it once was. (The Hydrant)

I Got to Get Better. One trainer’s ambitious and inspiring list of her goals to become a better dog trainer. (Raising K9)

Diversion Dog. That is one crafty beagle. Have you ever seen a dog pull a stunt like this? I think I have… Just proof that dogs know how to get what they want! (Animals Being Di*ks)

Pup Links!

Dachshund carefully helps adjust bathing cap. Via Wanderlusted, from the Life magazine archives.

Interesting dog-related things I’ve dug up on the Interwebs this week…

What Your Dog Doesn’t Tell You. Cute but helpful drawings about how NOT to greet a dog and how to read dog body language. (News for a Dog Day Afternoon)

Top 15 Exercises for You and Your Dog. Yet another reason to get a dog: They’re good for your health! This is a great collection of articles from around the Web about how you and your dogs can keep each other healthy. (Fido Friendly)

Celebrities and Dogs. A great collection of photos from the Life magazine archives. (Wanderlusted)

Dogs + Fonts. Assigning different breeds to different typefaces. (Pawsh)

Pup Links!

A dog and her cellist. Source: Wanderlusted, via the Life magazine archives.

Dog-related links that interested me this week on the Interwebs…

Why You Should NOT Shave Your Dog for the Summer. Finally! Some intelligent input on this widespread practice. I met an Aussie in the park the other day who was very unfortunate-looking: her owners had shaved her for the summer. I didn’t have the heart to tell them that they hadn’t helped their dog and they’d ruined her coat. (It’s the Dogs’ Life)

VirChewly Indestructible Leashes. Joslin Larson designed these chew-proof leashes for her dogs after she lost a sheltie who chewed through a nylon leash and into oncoming traffic. What do you think? They certainly look indestructible, but also a bit short and possibly uncomfortable. (Dog Milk)

Riot the Australian Shepherd. Just because I can never get enough Aussie puppy in my life. (The Daily Puppy)

Skye Report. Yes, even more Aussie puppy. The photo of the puppy sitting next to the grown dog is so precious. (Apropos Aussies)

When Suggesting Lunch Options Downtown… Love it. (Hipster Puppies)

Having a Dog Who Can Make This Face at You. Wise and funny words from a street dog photographer. (Dogblog)

Nine Uses for Small Dogs. Cute cartoon! (Pawesome)