Another Sunday play-date with Roland

Roland, who is quickly becoming one of Pyrrha’s BFFs, came back yesterday afternoon for another great play-date. As you can see from the photos below, they had a great time!

Sunday play-date with Roland

Sunday play-date with Roland

Sunday play-date with Roland

Sunday play-date with Roland

Sunday play-date with Roland

Sunday play-date with Roland

Getting some love from the ladies.

Sunday play-date with Roland

Sunday play-date with Roland

I am so thankful that Pyrrha finally has “friends.” The first few months we had her, I was worried that she would never get along with other dogs because of her fear. It’s amazing what some time and gentle encouragement can do! She now loves nothing better than romping with a canine pal. I’m grateful for Roland and his mama being in town!

Sunday play-date with Roland

Sunday play-date with Roland

Play-date with Roland

We had beautiful and unseasonably warm weather this weekend, so it was a perfect occasion for Pyrrha to have a friend over. We invited the recently adopted Roland, who was brought over by his surrogate handlers, my friends Celeste and Casey.

Break for some butt sniffing
Hi! What’s your name?

As you can see from the photos, Pyrrha and Roland were very well-matched. They got along beautifully, with no fear issues or squabbles from either of them.

Racing up from the back

Tongues a' flying!

Rounding the bend

Gimme dat

Guion, throwing a stick for the playmates

We all laughed about how dogs treat objects like small children. Their reasoning goes like this: If the other dog has a stick, I MUST HAVE said stick, even if I don’t particularly like sticks. Pyr and Roland went back and forth with this general gambit for some time. Thankfully, our yard has a plenitude of sticks, so they were never bored.

A very successful play date

Rest time

At the end of the session, they were both tired and happy—and covered in each other’s slobber. (Roland also had some grass stains from sliding on his pretty white fur.) Watching dogs play is one of my all-time favorite hobbies. I could do it all day! And Pyrrha certainly needs more of it in her life. Very happy to have found another great local playmate for Pyr.

Golden twins

My friend Celeste was dog-sitting again this weekend, this time for a young golden named Levi. Bo‘s mama was out of town again, so we naturally agreed that another play date should happen.

Watching these two romp around was so entertaining, particularly because it was hard to tell them apart most of the time! Their different collar colors were often our only indication of who was who.


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Bo and Levi were quite evenly matched, both in size and energy level. Bo just turned 3 and I think Levi is a few months over his 1st birthday.

The thing that surprised me the most, probably, was how much humping was going on. Both dogs are neutered, young males, but the humping went on forever. They didn’t seem annoyed with each other because of it, which was also interesting–they’d take turns humping each other, and then just go back to chasing and wrestling. Pretty funny…

Looking forward to even more of these play dates in the future, particularly now that the weather is getting warmer and more pleasant. Watching Bo and Levi increased my hope that our future dog will play nicely with others; it’s so joyful to watch dogs romp around together.

Play date with Bo and Zoe

While their mamas were out of town, Zoe and Bo got to have a play date. My friend Celeste and I, acting as their temporary caregivers, organized a little play date with the two. My dear friend Angela was also in town for the weekend and so the three of us enjoyed our afternoon with the dogs. It was a beautiful spring-like day and I think they had a lot of fun romping around Zoe’s yard.

Slideshow below:

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Zoe was initially a little taken aback that we had introduced this gregarious, blond ruffian into her yard. Bo would try to chase her around, tackle her, but Zoe primly refused. After a few minutes of unsuccessful romping, Bo quieted down and they calmly followed one another around the yard. Zoe ended up seeking us for belly rubs while Bo, in typical fashion, rummaged through the compost heap (despite our best attempts to stop him).

After half an hour of play time in the yard, we took Zoe and Bo on a walk through the nearby neighborhood, which I think we all thoroughly enjoyed. I can’t wait to get to do this kind of thing with my own dog!

Do you ever organize “play dates”? Do you have any recommendations for making them go smoothly? Bo and Zoe were a pretty good match for one another. Even though Bo’s energy level exceeds Zoe’s, they’re both very mild-mannered and easy going pups. I hope I’ll be able to find one of those myself…