Review: The Perfect Match

The Perfect Match, by Chris Walkowicz

I think this was another book that I read when I was a child, trying to decide what kind of dog my family should get. The book was written by former breeder and dog show judge Chris Walkowicz in 1992. I picked it up again because I saw it at the library and wanted something to thumb through while we were at the beach.

The Perfect Match delivers breed-by-breed profiles within each AKC category, providing a brief description of temperament and basic facts about the breed’s average size, lifespan, health issues, and shedding potential. Honestly, I didn’t really learn anything new from this book, but I think it would be helpful to someone who wasn’t at all familiar with the AKC-recognized breeds.

What I do like about the book is that Walkowicz seems to have done her research with the different breeds listed here. For instance, she doesn’t just say the same thing about all of the terrier breeds; “they tend to be snappy and independent; they have lots of energy and tend to bark a lot.” Rather, the book makes an effort to differentiate between breed temperaments. The descriptions of life with each breed is relatively brief. The Perfect Match may be a good starting place for someone who doesn’t know much at all about purebreds and the generalized differences between them.