Breed Love: Great Dane

Ms. Boogerface
Almost the size of a spotted cow. Source: Flickr, user vickijune

OK. So I don’t think I actually want to OWN a Great Dane. Having a Great Dane is like having a small horse in your house. It’s also rumored that a young male Great Dane eats as much as a young lion. This is slightly terrifying. Our wallet and house aren’t big enough, unfortunately, to accommodate such size and appetites.

However, I love the look and temperament of these truly gentle giants and I’m always intrinsically attracted to them when I see one on the street or hogging an entire aisle in PetsMart.

So regal! Source: Flickr, user feeferlump

I can’t resist going up to a Great Dane whenever I see one. They certainly attract a lot of attention wherever they go–and they seem to know it, too. I think they’re fascinating dogs in that they can look so noble and yet so utterly goofy at the same time. They’ll always have my enthusiastic support.

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