Pyrrha’s first wedding weekend

Quite at home here

I’m still catching up on real-life stuff and work, but my sister’s wedding weekend was so beautiful and perfect. She was the happiest, prettiest bride I’ve ever seen, and I say that with some authority, as we’ve been to eight weddings this year (and went to eleven last year!).

Pyrrha was a trooper, too. I was particularly thankful for my dad, who is just as dog-obsessed as I am. He doted on Pyrrha and took care of her and walked her and played with her when I couldn’t—which was often, as I was serving as the matron of honor + bride’s beautician + right-hand woman.

Trying to make my dog fat
My brother, trying to make my dog fat.

My siblings are also quite fond of Pyr, which helps a lot. My brother kept slipping her food, as a way to buy her affections, I think, and playfully irritate me.

Loving on Pyr
My sister and Pyrrha.

Our beloved photographer, with P.

My sister Grace is also very sweet with Pyrrha, even though she is allergic to dogs, and Pyrrha’s presence made her eyes tear up all weekend. Poor Gracie; she loves animals so.


Pyrrha also spent a lot of her time in Dublin’s backyard, as she normally does. Dublin is very tolerant of Pyrrha’s antics and the two spend most of their introductory moments growling and wrestling. After a few minutes, though, one can find them lounging side-by-side under the trampoline or plundering the basement for things to chew on.

Hanging out in Dublin's yard

As this is her third time at my parents’ house, she was very comfortable there over the weekend. I think she liked having all that space to prowl around and all those windows from which to watch the town’s plentiful squirrels. It’s so nice to know that we always have a place to bring her when we come home for family events or holidays. I daresay she is eager to go back, as soon as she can.


Off for a wedding

Let me out

Pyrrha will be joining us on another road-trip to my parents’ home this weekend, this time for my sister’s wedding! It will be a crazy weekend, but we’ve stocked up with chew toys, bones, and other diversions for our pup. There are several things that make visits home more fun/comfortable for Pyr: 1) Dublin, her therapy dog, 2) My dad, who loves her, and 3) Her increasing familiarity with the place, as this will be her third visit.

We’ll be back on Monday, with stories and pictures, I’m sure. In the meantime, have a great week with your pups!