Backyard in black-and-white, with dog updates

The living is easy and the sticks are plentiful.

Dogs in the yard on Sunday

Dogs in the yard on Sunday

It’s been so damp and yucky here the past few days, but the dogs aren’t bothered by it.

Dogs in the yard on Sunday

Rain man

We’re still hoping that Rainer finds his forever home soon. Just look how handsome he is!

The GREAT news about Rainer is that there is a less than 1% chance that he will develop degenerative myelopathy (DM)! We got his DNA test results back from OFA yesterday. After the vet raised the possibility of his back-end instability being the early signs of DM (a really horrible neurological disorder for which there is no treatment or cure), the rescue sent out for this test, and we anxiously awaited the results. We were very, very happy to learn that he is a heterozygous carrier, which means that it is very unlikely that he will develop DM. YAY!

I’ve also become increasingly less worried about his balance, as it actually seems to have gotten better over the month he’s lived with us. He still isn’t as “stable” as Pyrrha is, but he doesn’t slink around anymore and he seems so much stronger and more confident. He’s also showed a lot more willingness to run at full speed and wrestle with her.

They’ve been getting along so much better lately, which has been really heartwarming. Just last night, I saw her do something I have NEVER seen her do with another dog: Rainer was sleeping on the dog bed in the living room, and Pyrrha started inching toward him on her belly, and then she put her head on his paw as an invitation and started licking his face. Wow! Never seen our little ice queen show such cuddly affection for a foster before!

Rainer has also become so well-adapted to home life: great in the crate, not a single accident indoors, playing better with Pyrrha. His only vice is that he likes to silently steal a shoe or a tissue from time to time, but he’ll always swap it with you for a treat.

He is a good boy who deserves a good home. We hope that his perfect family is still out there somewhere!

Hope you all have peaceful, fun weekends ahead of you!