Review: Minties and Skin & Coat Chews

The girls recently got to taste test two products from VetIQ: Minties Dental Treats and Skin & Coat Chews.

VetIQ product review | Doggerel

If you’re one who uses other dental chews (like Greenies or Dentastix), Minties have some compelling advantages over those products—namely, their bones do not include wheat, corn, or soy. I’ve found that many dental chews tend to include these fillers, which certainly aren’t beneficial for dogs (or humans, for that matter).

VetIQ product review | Doggerel

Eden was our tester for the Minties bones, and here she is sitting politely and waiting for her treat:

VetIQ Product Review | Doggerel

The bag we received (for large dogs) had four bones in it. I had a hard time determining how much this bag sells for, so it’s difficult to assess how cost-effective these dental bones are, compared with its bigger-name competitors.

VetIQ Product Review | Doggerel

The skin & coat chews are also generously sized and chewy treats, which Pyrrha definitely enjoyed. She was begging for more after her first taste!

VetIQ Product Review | Doggerel

The skin & coat chews are wheat free and are also made in the United States. The fish oil (the omega 3 benefit advertised on the bag) are somewhat lower in the list of ingredients, however, so I’m not sure how potent that advertised benefit would be. Still, both dogs definitely enjoy these treats, and we’re happy with the ingredients list and the source. They’d also serve as generous-sized training treats.

Both products were a hit with the girls, and we were happy to be able to review them. Minties and the Skin & Coat Chews are available at Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Safeway, and other big-box stores in the United States.

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Review: Merrick Lil Brush Bones dental chews

Because I’m incorrigibly lazy about remembering to brush the dogs’ teeth, I’m always interested in new offerings in the dental chews category. So, when Chewy offered us the chance to try Merrick’s new Lil Brush Bones product, we jumped at the chance.

Doggerel Review | Merrick Lil Brush Bones

We received the bag for little dogs, but our girls don’t discriminate when it comes to treats!

Doggerel Review | Merrick Lil Brush Bones

This was Pyrrha’s reaction as soon as I unzipped the bag:

Doggerel Review | Merrick Lil Brush Bones

These chews, more than other dental chews, have a strong aroma (not bad, just noticeable).

As you can see from this blurry photo, they were both VERY eager to get the chew.

Doggerel Review | Merrick Lil Brush Bones

They loved the treats! (But they aren’t the most discriminating reviewers, I have to say; I’ve never seen them turn down anything even mildly edible.)

Brush Bones have a pleasingly short (and natural) list of ingredients:

Potato Starch, Vegetable Glycerin, Dried Plain Beet Pulp, Cane Molasses, Chicken Fat, Natural Chicken Flavor, Water, Alfalfa Nutrient Concentrate (source of chlorophyll), Lecithin, Dried Cultured Skim Milk, Parsley

I’ll admit it’s always a bit hard to gauge the effectiveness of dental chews based on a few-time usage, but I particularly like that these treats are gluten- and grain-free (most popular dental chews have a lot of gluten and starches in them). An 11-oz. bag sells for $12.99 at

Do you supplement your brushing regimen with any kind of dental treats?

Disclosure: We received a bag of these chews from in exchange for our honest review.