Rare Dog Breed Quiz, No. 2

Back by request: Another rare dog breed quiz! (First iteration is here.)

Can you identify the rare dog breed by the photos? Answers below.


(For photo sources, click on the image.)


(1: löwchen; 2: dogo Argentino; 3: black Russian terrier; 4: Irish water spaniel; 5: berger picard; 6: mudi; 7: Dutch shepherd; 8: Lancashire heeler; 9: Karelian bear dog; 10: Ibizan hound; 11: sealyham terrier; 12: bedlington terrier)

Fun facts: My boss has a black Russian terrier (#3), and I have spotted a berger picard (#5) in our neighborhood. The picard’s owner was totally flabbergasted that I knew her dog’s breed; “No one has ever, ever been able to identify her before,” she said. The deep dog nerd in me was really gratified. Haha. I have also seen a bedlington terrier (#12) walking in our neighborhood. Pretty sure it wasn’t just a really miniature lamb…

How did you do on the quiz?

(Little update: Rainer will be boarded while we are out of town, and his potential adopter may come meet him and take him on trial the weekend we get back! Hope that happens, but this means this may be our last full day with the little buddy. We’ll see! Hopeful that he finds his forever home.)

And then: At the beach for a week! Will be back and blogging on 24 June. Have a great week, everyone.