Does your dog have allergies?

Do you have an allergic pup?

Source: Wikimedia Commons.

German shepherds, along with their litany of other health problems, are also known for having allergies. I’m beginning to suspect that Eden may have allergies of some kind.

I guess that’s one of the big troubles with allergies and dogs: How do you know what’s bothering them? Environmental allergies could include a large list of possible irritants, and food trials are costly and time-consuming (just ask Jessica at My Imperfect Dog, who is by now a veritable expert on dog allergies). I’m willing to do what it takes to find out what’s at the bottom of Eden’s itchiness, but I confess that I feel a bit daunted.

She isn’t a chronic itch-er, but she’s certainly scratching more than Pyrrha on a regular basis (and we’ve ruled out fleas). As she’s my new little baby, I worry about her.

I’ve thought about adding fish oil to her food daily, as a first step, to see if that mitigates the issue. And then we could move on to allergy tests and maybe food trials, if need be. For the interim, I’m keeping close tabs on what she’s exposed to and what she ingests. And, of course, we’ll also be talking with our vet soon to see what ideas and suggestions she may have.

If your dog does have allergies, what has been effective in combating those issues?