I told you he was funny

It's a hard life. #roland #dogsitting

We miss Roland already! But I know his real family is happy to have him back. As you can see, this dog really knows how to CHILL. That we could all be this relaxed.

Looking forward to a quiet week ahead, even though rainy Mondays are always hard to get through. Hope your pups have helped you remember the brighter side of life!

Dogs on patrol. #germanshepherd #spaniel #doghouse
Guard dogs.


Weird, funny dog

Such a weird, funny dog. #dogsitting

Roland specifically, but you know Pyrrha fits that category too.

We’ve had a nice week dog-sitting this chap, and I know Pyrrha will be sad to see him go on Sunday night.

He has been a very easy keeper, and I think I may also have to prevent my husband from trying to keep him. Guion and Roland have become very attached to each other! Roland gives him a grand greeting every time Guion walks in a room, and if Guion dares leave the house, Roland whines and wails and mourns. Last night, when Guion left, Roland cried and cried, and then jumped up on the couch and laid with his head on the windowsill in the most heartbreaking and forlorn fashion. Naturally, Guion is basking in the love and attention from a dog who is uniquely focused on YOU (something that he has truthfully never received from Pyrrha, who acts like I’m the Only Person in the Universe). It’s a powerful thing, feeling that dog love… And isn’t it funny how quickly dogs can form attachments? It’s always heartwarming.

What do your weekends have in store for you? I’m looking forward to reading, weeding, and taking the pups on long walks before Rols goes home!

Let me in, dude. #rolandMore photos from our week with Roland (which was, as you can see, very leisurely):

Waiting for Guion to come back. #rightathome #dogsitting
Waiting for Guion to come home.

What? #doghouse #dogcrazy

Dog napping. #dogcrazy

Floor time.

Guion's devoted sous chef. #doghouse
Guion’s devoted sous chef.

All the sleepy pups. #germanshepherd #gsd