A quiet autumn with the dogs

We’ve been enjoying lovely weather lately, and the dogs are content. What more can you ask for?

Snapshots of backyard living:

Fall on the backyard

Honey baby

Odd allure of morning glories

Princess P

My only minor concern involving the pups is that Pyrrha has developed a small, strange little sore on her upper and lower lips. We’re in touch with the vet about it, and we’re switching up some routines to try to rule out possibilities (wound from rubbing/digging, allergies, autoimmune disorder). I’m sure she’ll be OK, but I feel kind of obsessive about it. I’m a hypochondriac on behalf of my dogs. Can anyone else relate??

Anyway. All will be well. How have you been spending your fall days?

Gardening with dogs

Having a garden and having dogs: Is it possible?

New garden beginnings and dogs

We love dogs, and we love gardening, and sometimes, I feel like these two loves are at cross-purposes with one another.

Exhibit A: I planted a forsythia bush and two blackberry bushes in our yard. My naive self thought, Hey, the dogs aren’t too interested in watching me plant these things; they will probably leave them alone.

Result: I go inside for 30 minutes. Come back out. Little Demon Child (aka Eden Loretta) has ripped out a blackberry bush, strewn it across the yard, and chewed the root ball in half.

Solution: Guion fenced off the back portion of the yard to make our garden area.

New garden beginnings and dogs
New garden fence.
New garden beginnings and dogs
Raised beds in progress. Right now, it looks like we’re making mass graves.

He also installed tree cages around our fledgling shrubs in the dogs’ part of the yard. For now, the cages have seemed to deter the dogs from getting at the plants. My only fear is that when we take the cages off, once the plants are mature, is Eden going to go back after them?

New garden beginnings and dogs
Dog-proof (hopefully) cage around forsythia bush.

I really want to plant along this side of the fence, because the neighbors have, like, 30 children and several terriers who run around off-leash and make Pyrrha CRAZY (and the kids terrify her). As Jessica (My Imperfect Dog) predicted, Pyrrha is unleashing her fear/anxiety about the kids/dogs beyond the fence onto unsuspecting Eden. So, I want to create a hedge, and we’re now contemplating making that side of the fence solid (e.g., so the dogs can’t see through the slats at all).

New garden beginnings and dogs

All that to say, this crazy yard is still a work in progress. The garden fence is very sturdy, and the dogs are respectful of it, so that’s something. But how do you handle this tension, between your yard and your dogs?

New garden beginnings and dogs
Don’t trust this one.

Do you garden? If so, what are your tips for salvaging your garden while still allowing your dogs to frolic in the yard?