Giveaway! By Nature grain-free chicken & potato dog food

GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. Thanks to all who entered!

As you may recall, we were impressed with the offering from By Nature’s grain-free kibble. So, we are happy to announce that you have the opportunity to be impressed, too, by entering Doggerel’s very first giveaway.

By Nature grain-free kibble.
By Nature grain-free kibble.

By Nature will send three (3) winners a bag of their grain-free chicken & potato dog kibble. If you’d like to win a free bag of this quality food, “like” By Nature on Facebook and leave a comment below.

By Nature kibble, with my thumb for size comparison.
By Nature kibble, with my thumb for size comparison.

Pyrrha has enjoyed having this kibble mixed in with her normal fare, and because of the kibble’s small size (compared with what she’s normally eating), I’ve also been using this kibble as a training reward.

Winners will be selected at random from the comments section.


  1. “Like” By Nature on Facebook.
  2. Leave a comment below (ensuring that you have a valid e-mail address entered in the e-mail field). Only one comment per person, please.

This giveaway will remain open until 5 August 2013 (EDT); I will randomly pick the 3 winners on 6 August, so watch your inboxes!

GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. Winners were picked using’s sequence generator, and the winners were comments 1, 23, and 4, so congrats to Heather D., Emma P., and Teisha C.! I’ll be sending you an e-mail shortly!

Review: By Nature grain-free dog food

We were recently offered the opportunity to test and review By Nature’s dog food. Pyrrha is always very eager to test edible products!

Pouting in the background until she can try it.
Pouting in the background until she can try it.

We tried the grain-free chicken and potato formula. A 30-lb. bag of this formula retails for $52.99 at Chewy. I felt satisfied with the formula’s ingredient list and was particularly attracted to the lack of grain fillers (such as corn, wheat, and soy). I was torn between this, the grain-free formula, and the organic formula that By Nature now offers. Both good options!

This smells good...
This smells good…

Pyrrha, as you can tell, was quite interested in this product. She has a fairly sensitive stomach, so I gradually worked some of this kibble into her normal kibble (Taste of the Wild’s wetlands formula), and she has not had any issues. The By Nature kibble size is also much smaller than the Taste of the Wild kibble, so we’ve been using it as an addition to her treat bag.

This formula is a 4-star kibble, according to Dog Food Advisor; Pyrrha’s current kibble (Taste of the Wild, wetlands formula) is a 5-star kibble, and at a cheaper price, so I think we’ll stay with what we have for now. BUT, that said, I was happy to receive this product for review, mainly because of the high-quality of the formula and because of the tiny size of the kibble. The kibble makes a great addition to Pyrrha’s treat bag, and they are such small bits that I don’t have to worry about rationing quite as much.

By Nature provides a range of great options, including an all-organic line, for savvy dog owners. Locate a By Nature retailer with this map; this brand is also sold in numerous online retailers.

We were provided with a bag of this kibble in exchange for this review, but all opinions expressed are exclusively ours. 

The laziest of dogs

The laziest of dogs

This is Pyrrha’s typical posture on any given day — sprawled out on the living room floor. (She looks kind of fat from this vantage point, but I promise you she isn’t… I’m like a pageant mom about her portrayal in photographs.)

We had more delightful house guests this weekend, my dear friend Angela (whom you may recall from a play date with Bo and Zoe) and her boyfriend, Marshall. Pyrrha took to them both very readily. They are both gentle, quiet souls and those are always Pyr’s particular favorites. She kept trying to incite them to wrestle with her, though, by taking their limbs into her mouth. This is probably a habit we should work on with more diligence, because most people aren’t exactly fond of a German shepherd suddenly taking their fingers into her mouth and giving them a playful nibble.

In other Pyr news: Last month, we switched her over to a grain-free kibble, and maybe I’m just deluding myself, but I think we’ve already been seeing the benefits. Her coat is much glossier, her poops are smaller, and her enthusiasm is only enhanced for meal time (that thin line of drool while she sits and waits for the bowl). After I lauded the benefits of grain-free kibble for weeks, Guion finally agreed and thought it was worth the extra $10 a bag for the health advantages. So far, a very good choice.

Also, Pyrrha issued a protective bark for the first time! I’m kind of celebrating it a bit. To me, the fact that she feels protective of our house and yard tells me that she is feeling more confident and secure. This is reinforced by the fact that she has never barked protectively before. She’s barked in fear, to ward off a dog behind the adjacent fences, but this was a bark directed toward a far-off person in the street, which said, “Hey, I see you! This is my place!” It’s still a very uncommon occurrence — as she still doesn’t bark when she sits in our front window and watches people and cars pass — but I see it as a sign of her increasing confidence.

Hope you and your pooches are well and enjoying a pleasant start to your weeks.