Another lazy weekend in the yard with the dogs

This weekend was a nice mix of productive (lots of yard work) and lazy (lots of TV while it rained).

The dogs, as you can see, were thoroughly relaxed.

There were bouts of play…

Gimme dat stick… and then there was a lot of just lazing around.

Dogs in the yard on Sunday

Dogs in the yard on Sunday

Dogs in the yard on Sunday

Dogs in the yard on Sunday

I think the best part of fostering a shy dog, after you get over that initial hurdle of getting them to trust you and actually like you, is getting to see them RELAX. And just be happy. We have a floppy, open-mouthed foster boy now, where we previously had a nervous, slinking, easily startled former stray. It’s so heartwarming.

Kiwi vine is really thriving
Our kiwi vine is really going crazy.

He is a sweetie, and I have to keep believing that the perfect home is still out there for him.

Handsome Rainer

Spread the word! Rainer is still looking for his forever home!

If you are interested in adopting Rainer and live in the southeast United States, fill out an application at Southeast German Shepherd Rescue! Or spread the word that he’s up for adoption! Here’s his online adoption profile.