Foster update: Trina! (Now Kira)

We recently got an update from Kira (formerly Trina) and her family! They say she is doing very well and loving her life with them. The family sent this photo of her in her new dog bed:

Kira (fka Trina) in her new dog bed. It looks like she's wearing a Thundershirt here, and I'm not sure why; they didn't mention it.
Kira (fka Trina) in her new dog bed. It looks like she’s wearing a Thundershirt here, and I’m not sure why; they didn’t mention it.

I can’t believe how big she is now! She almost looks like a full-grown lady.

I love hearing from adopters of our fosters — particularly when it’s about a foster that we were tempted to keep ourselves. But I think we really made the right choice for Kira. I had five different adopters that I had to choose from, and I feel confident that she’s with just the right family. They are young and active; they work with her on training; and they have her practicing agility already. (I got a phone video of her practicing with her agility tunnel in their backyard! So cute. She clearly loves it.)

She’s such a whip-smart puppy — maybe one of the smartest dogs I’ve met — and we’re so happy that she’s in the right place. Warm, fuzzy feelings.

And now back to moving/packing madness!

Do you ever hear from the adopters of your fosters? Does it make your day like it does mine?


Happy ending for Draco (now Otis)!

This week, I got the most heartwarming e-mail from Jamie about Draco, who has been renamed “Otis.” Almost made me shed some happy tears!

The e-mail, below, was sent with this photo:

Otis (fka Draco) and his sister Gabby!
Otis (fka Draco) and his sister Gabby!

Hey Abby!!!

Just wanted to check in with you guys and let you know that things are going great!  After repeatedly calling him Otis, he is starting to come when called and responding well.

The first night, the cat scared him to pieces but they have come to just look at each other and for now walk the other way. Gabby and him are doing great. They are snuggle buddies. Gabby likes to use him as a pillow.  Otis does not let her out of his sight. I have to let them out together and he stands beside her while she pottys then walks her back to the door then he turns around and goes to the bathroom then comes in.  It’s quite the sight to see. ❤

Thank you again for everything!!

I think our sweet, cuddly boy is set for life! SO happy.

In additional foster news, we get to meet our new foster puppy tonight! She was named Trina by the rescue, and she’s a 6-month-old black-and-tan German shepherd. And that’s all we know! Photos to come!

Hope you all have great weekends!

Good luck, Draco!

That was fast, wasn’t it? But darling Draco is on a two-week trial with a family! (Our rescue has a trial period, in which adopters get to take a dog home for two weeks to see if he or she is a good fit. After the trial period is up, the adoption is finalized.)

Draco and his new dad and sister
Gabby and Jerry with Draco.

Jamie, Jerry, and their yorkie mix Gabby came to visit us last night, and the meeting went so very well! After our experience with Rainer, I feel like I have a little PTSD about dog meetings now, but we took the introduction much more seriously this time around, and everything went beautifully. The dogs met peacefully in the front yard, then we moved to the backyard to let them negotiate off leash, and then we went inside, where Draco immediately jumped up on the couch with Jerry, Jamie, and Gabby. Too sweet!

Think Draco found his forever family today!!
Bad cameraphone picture, but as you can see, Draco is really happy with his new family!

I’d say it’s a perfect match!

Cuddling acrobatics. #germanshepherd #draco

A few hours after he left, we got a sweet photo from the family, showing Jamie, Gabby, and Draco (who is probably going to be renamed “Otis”) all snuggling on a sofa together, with the caption, “I think they’re going to be best friends!”

Although nothing is final until the trial is over, my feeling is that Draco just lucked out on his perfect forever home! We couldn’t be happier for the guy. We came to love him a lot, after just a short week with him! He is a gem of a dog, and I think he is well on his way to a wonderful, stable, happy life.

Draco buddy

Happy endings! Fuzzy feelings! Good luck, Draco!

Draco buddy

And now we’re gearing up for the next foster adventure, because we apparently have a 6-month-old female heading our way in a few days! Whew! I will, as always, keep you posted…

That time Rainer almost got lost

Last night, while brushing my teeth, I asked Guion, “Hey, would you let the dogs in?”

They had been out in our backyard for about three minutes, for their last potty break of the night.

Coming for youAbout a minute later, I hear a frantic knock on the door. It’s Guion, breathless and panicky. And he utters the three most dreaded words: “Rainer got out!”

Guion grabbed a flashlight and a leash and ran out the front. I dropped everything, pulled on some rain boots, and ran out to the back, calling frantically for Rainer. It’s dark and I can’t see anything. Pyrrha, however, has let herself into the sunroom and is looking at me with a fascinated expression.

Because here’s the impressive thing: Pyrrha didn’t leave the yard, even when Rainer did. A gate had been left open when Guion was showing a friend our garden, apparently. And so Rainer just sauntered out.

Rainer's bed

I put Pyrrha inside, grab another leash, and am about to dash out the front door, with all of these horrible thoughts in my mind — we are the worst fosters ever! We are never going to find him! He probably wouldn’t come to us! It’s so dark; what if he gets hit by a car? — but… then…

The front door opens, and it’s Guion and Rainer, who is slowly wagging his tail.

Guion said that Rainer had wandered a few houses over, and the neighbors had seen him. Guion could see Rainer, but he didn’t want to run up to him, wisely reasoning that Rainer would probably run in the other direction if he thought he was being “charged.” Instead, when he saw Guion, Rainer willingly trotted down the driveway and ran right up to our front door. Guion didn’t even leash him, but when he got close enough to Rainer, he slunk down and was very nervous. I think he was bewildered and disoriented, but wow, how surprised and grateful I am that he came back!

Lessons learned:

  1. ALWAYS LOCK THE DAMN GATE (cough, cough, husband).
  2. Pyrrha is a good girl! I am frankly astonished that she didn’t run out, too. I am so proud of her for staying in the yard. I still kind of can’t believe it, especially given her history of wandering off.
  3. Sometimes shy dogs will surprise you and just come on home. Good boy, Rainer!

Glad that we still have you. Shoo. Not a fun way to spend your Wednesday evening.

But the other bright news is that a potential adopter is coming to meet Rainer on Saturday! Will keep you posted!