Sunrise in the backyard


Pyrrha and I have our set weekday morning routine: I get up at 6 a.m. and let her out in the yard. The other morning, this was the sunrise that greeted us. My picture, essentially a silhouette, really doesn’t do it justice. While I was absorbed in the sky, she was at my feet, doing this:

Tail blur

(Just look at that blur of a tail!)

It is a funny thing, to have an animal so completely focused on you, so oblivious of everything else.

Of course, I love it. And her.

The little things

Oh, hi
Pyrrha gets up close and personal.

This photo cracks me up. And simultaneously warms my heart. It’s the little things with a shy dog, you know? The things that guardians of “normal” dogs probably take for granted: A wagging tail when you walk in the room, a stupid grin, a tongue lolling out the side of her mouth, rushing nose-first into your camera with a big smile. All these things indicate HUGE progress for Pyrrha. And so they’ll always make me feel a lot of joy. She is doing well and continuing to open up and every tiny sign makes me feel so happy and proud of her.

Coming up next week: Long, long walks and a visit to “dad” at work, plus thoughts on when to start more intensive training.

Happy weekend, everyone! Enjoy the little things!

Roll around in the grass

Rolling in the grass
Pyrrha in the grass.

This weekend, Pyrrha encourages you to follow her lead and roll around in the grass. It does wonders for lifting the spirits!

On Sunday, we may attend an event called “Yappy Hour,” hosted at a local vineyard, for Southeast German Shepherd Rescue alumni and their adopters. We may just go for a bit and see if it’s overwhelming to Pyrrha. Lately, she’s been kind of a mixed bag when interacting with other dogs in public. Sometimes, she’s shy but curiously polite; other times (like the other morning, when two muscular weimaraners lunged and barked at her), she’s all hackles and snarling. So, we’ll see.

The good (relieving) news is that we won’t have a pomeranian house guest next week. My boss found someone else to stay in their home and watch Emmie, which I think is a better solution for all involved parties. I think Emmie and Pyrrha could have been good friends, but their serious weight differential (7 lbs. versus 70 lbs.) rather prevented any safe play time. I’m very relieved!

Have a lovely weekend! Talk to you again on Monday. More to come about Pyrrha’s uneasiness around Guion (my husband) and her new love affair with the Cuz ball…

Mmm, bones.
Mmm, bones iz so good.

A long walk with Bo


Yesterday afternoon, I took Bo for a peaceful hour-and-a-half walk. We strolled around our future street/neighborhood, which was absolutely beautiful; everything is in bloom right now. All the trees are pink and white and green; everyone seems to have tulips or wild violets or little pansies springing up in their yards. (I didn’t get any pictures, unfortunately, because it looked like it was about to pour the whole time and I didn’t want to jeopardize my camera…)

The walk made me even more excited to move to our future house and to get to live in this part of town. It’s such a pretty and pleasant network of streets and houses. We walked down to a tiny park (under 5 acres), about two blocks from our future house, and I envisioned taking our dog down there for our morning walks. The park isn’t exactly spectacular (just a basketball court, a playground, and a smattering of picnic tables), but it is a bit of grassy space to provide at least a small reprieve from the sidewalks.

Bo is delightful company. After about half an hour, he stops tugging and heels quite nicely. He’s a very attentive boy and likes to pause every so often to look up at your face, as if he was checking in on you, just to see how you were feeling; it always warms my heart. Bo also thinks all people are out just to strike up a friendship with him. Par example: A runner passed us on the road and glanced our way. When Bo caught his eye, he broke into what can only be called a smile and sprung up happily, almost skipping with joy after the runner. He’s adorable.

I am really looking forward to getting to do this kind of thing with our future dog, of course, but for now, Bo is the perfect substitute.