Informing on other dog owners

Maybe THIS is why British dogs are so well-behaved:

Waterlow Park dog sign

I saw this sign in Waterlow Park in London and had to take a quick shot (with my brother- and sister-in-law reflected in the glass), as it seemed to be some additional proof for my investigation into the overwhelmingly polite behavior of English dogs.

I’m sure that US dog parks may also have some signs like this, but I haven’t seen anything quite this direct posted in a public park. Americans would likely bristle at such a poster and interpret it as infringing on our freedoms (and the right to have a maladjusted dog and to not clean up after them).

I asked another Brit, who has lived in the United States, why he thought British dogs were so polite. He chalked it up to Brits caring more about what other people think of them (and accordingly, their dogs) than Americans seem to. A badly behaving dog is a reflection on her owner and vice versa.

Do you think a policy like this would actually help curb bad-dog behavior in a public space? Or does it work here because there’s already an underlying cultural factor to comport oneself (and one’s canine) with decorum?