Pup links!

This pittie makes a pretty good lion. Oh, the things our dogs put up with. Source: oddballdaily

Dog-related links from around the Web this week.

Pet Lovers, Pathologized. The New York Times ran an interesting article this week on the paradoxical cultural perspective of animal lovers: It’s OK to love hunting and eating animals for meat, but if you express emotional dependence on an animal, you are suddenly “crazy”–especially if you’re a woman. A very interesting article; recommended. (New York Times)

The Hounds of Hitchcock. Guion and I watched “Psycho” for the first time last night, in celebration of Halloween, and so I thought this was a seasonally appropriate collection of photos, showing the great Hitchcock himself with his Sealyham terriers. (Pawesome)

Photo Gallery: Animals That Saw Me. There are only a few dogs in here, but what a neat collection. Photographer Ed Panar explores the interaction between himself as the subject, the seen object, by the animals he encounters. This series especially makes me wonder what the animals are thinking as they look at us. Fear? Mild interest? Expectation? (Flavorwire)

What Would Patricia McConnell Do? Kristine is right: This is the question I always try to ask myself whenever I’m interacting with dogs. (Rescued Insanity)

Weak in the Face of Puppy Breath. The “Tales & Tails” family goes to visit a litter of German shepherd puppies. Heart is bursting! (Tales and Tails)

How to Pick a Shelter Dog. Reflections on picking out a dog to adopt from your local shelter. (Dog Training Secret)

Diary of the Coveteur. Christine collects a series of photos from the fashionistas from the Coveteur and their pampered pooches. (Miles to Style)

Pine Everything. An “unhappy hipster” shiba blends in with his surroundings. (Unhappy Hipsters)

Did you dress up your dogs for Halloween? If so, what did they go as? Did they put up with the costumes?


Breed Love: Great Dane

Ms. Boogerface
Almost the size of a spotted cow. Source: Flickr, user vickijune

OK. So I don’t think I actually want to OWN a Great Dane. Having a Great Dane is like having a small horse in your house. It’s also rumored that a young male Great Dane eats as much as a young lion. This is slightly terrifying. Our wallet and house aren’t big enough, unfortunately, to accommodate such size and appetites.

However, I love the look and temperament of these truly gentle giants and I’m always intrinsically attracted to them when I see one on the street or hogging an entire aisle in PetsMart.

So regal! Source: Flickr, user feeferlump

I can’t resist going up to a Great Dane whenever I see one. They certainly attract a lot of attention wherever they go–and they seem to know it, too. I think they’re fascinating dogs in that they can look so noble and yet so utterly goofy at the same time. They’ll always have my enthusiastic support.

Great Dane links: