Another softball game, joined by her BFF

This past Friday evening, we took Pyrrha to another softball game.

It was a quieter night at the park, and we were planning on meeting her buddy Roland there, so I felt good overall about bringing her along. We sat over by the field our team was playing on, which was also removed from the noisier, busier sections of the crowd.


As you can tell, she was pretty interested in everything that was happening, but she really perked up with Roland showed up.

I was also pleased to observe that she didn’t have any leash reactivity with Roland. I was nervous about this; she hadn’t seen him in a while, and she’s been so jumpy lately with other dogs. But he sauntered right up to her, and they instantly started throwing play-bows at each other. Heartwarming. (And a reminder to me that dogs really do remember each other.)photo_2

They pretty much love each other.

Kissing her BFF Roland at the softball game. #puppylove
Puppy love.

Both dogs did a good job accepting affection from friends and strangers. Pyrrha surprised me by avidly kissing the faces of several strangers! Who knows with this dog… She is still full of surprises, apparently.

Roland gets some love from Palmer.
Pyrrha thinks about getting close to Brooks.

Everything went very smoothly until the very last few minutes… when another high-energy dog showed up and Pyrrha lost it (lunging, barking). SIGH. We diverted her attention, walked away, and then went home. Again, she reminds us that she’s made a lot of progress, but there is still a lot of progress to be made.