Seeking indestructible dog toys

We live with two very heavy chewers, and I’m always on the hunt for indestructible dog toys.

Hard at work

Things that have held up to the shepherd chompers:

  • The black (extreme) Kong products
  • The Planet Dog ball
  • A version of the Kong Wubba that looked like a rabbit (has since died after the head was removed with near-surgical precision)
  • Nylabones

Things we’ve tried and failed with:

  • Rawhides (upset stomachs)
  • Deer antlers (upsets Pyrrha’s stomach)
  • Marrow bones (splinter so easily; also dogs lose interest quickly)
  • Anything remotely stuffed
  • Rope toys (Eden thinks the game is to rip out the threads of the rope and swallow them)

I’d like to try some more products from Planet Dog; I’ve been impressed with the strength of that ball. But I’m always looking for other suggestions!

Do you have heavy-duty chewers in your house? What products have you liked for them?

New toy joy (review of Planet Dog Glow for Good ball)

Another way dogs are like little kids: Anything NEW is the BEST THING EVER.

Planet Dog ball review | Doggerel

I mean, look at these dorks:

Planet Dog ball review | Doggerel

Planet Dog ball review | Doggerel

So when we got the Planet Dog Glow for Good ball in the mail from Chewy, the girls were more than a little excited.

Planet Dog ball review | Doggerel

Notably, Pyrrha was really into this ball, and she normally doesn’t go wild over toys like Eden. When we adopted her, she had never played with toys before, so it took her a long time to warm up to them. Which is why these photos of her reveling in the new ball just melt my heart:

Planet Dog ball review | Doggerel

Planet Dog ball review | Doggerel

Eden, however, has a really strong drive for retrieving, so I knew she’d enjoy any new ball. “Enjoy” is putting it lightly; the dog didn’t let this particular ball leave her mouth for about three hours after she stole it away from Pyrrha. Amazing. She’s totally obsessed with it.

Planet dog ball review | Doggerel

The ball is squishy but strong, and Eden hasn’t chipped any part of it off, even after hours and hours of intensive fetching and chomping. It also has a minty aroma, which is intriguing to me. And the ball glows in the dark, which is pretty wonderful if you have an all-night fetcher. Furthermore, there is a hole through the middle of the ball, which could be stuffed with small treats or a narrow chew (about the thickness of a Sharpie marker). And it floats! Which is a great feature if you have water retrievers. Even better, 100% of the proceeds from the ball go to support Planet Dog Foundation, the company’s nonprofit that champions service dogs.

The Glow for Good ball in the 3″ size currently sells for $12.54 at

Planet Dog ball review | Doggerel

In short, we were thrilled with the new toy, and we will definitely be shopping for Planet Dog products in the future! I’m impressed. And I daresay the girls are too.

Does your dog have a favorite ball? Have you ever used a Planet Dog product before?

Disclosure: We were provided with this ball by in exchange for our honest review.