The kind of crazy dog lady I want to become

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I don’t want to be the kind of crazy dog lady (CDL) who has so many dogs that she tiptoes the line of being an animal hoarder. I want to have the right number of dogs that I can adequately care for, train, and love. (In my mind, that’s 3 at max for me, but we’ll see… I know some people can definitely handle more. Starting with one for a few years, and then we’ll see how that goes!)

I don’t want to be the kind of CDL who is constantly judging other dog people or freaking out about differences in the way we rear and raise our canines. I want to be humble and gracious, always willing to learn from someone else and always willing to give someone the benefit of the doubt.

I don’t want to be the kind of CDL who neglects personal care. I want to take great care of my dogs and great care of myself–as much as that’s possible! I know people who do both.

I don’t want to be the kind of CDL who sacrifices human relationships constantly or pushes people out of her life for the sake of her dogs. I want to maintain strong, intimate, and healthy relationships with humans, as much as I may be tempted to neglect them for the love of dogs.

What do you think? Is it possible for a CDL to be all of these things?


Places to go with my future dog

Places to Go, People to See, Things to Do with Our Future Pup: A Preliminary List

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Let’s go to…

  1. The dog-friendly downtown mall.
  2. All of the beautiful parks in town (especially Pen Park).
  3. Local rivers.
  4. A lake.
  5. A pet store.
  6. A dog-friendly restaurant.
  7. Someone’s backyard for a play date.
  8. Carter Mountain Orchard in the fall.
  9. A cookout with friends.
  10. A campsite, for an overnight stay.
  11. A playground.
  12. Urban Outfitters, since they allow canines.
  13. The woods.
  14. Monticello.
  15. An off-leash dog park.
  16. The quarry.
  17. That dog-friendly winery I’ve heard about.
  18. My parents’ house.
  19. His parents’ house.
  20. My grandparents’ house on the lake.
  21. A farm.
  22. The beach.
  23. A cabin in the woods.

Or, anywhere! I can’t wait. I want to take my future dog everywhere.

Where are some of your favorite places to take your pooch?