She makes him believe in God

Leonard Woolf and Pinka, Monk's House, 1931. Source: Smith College

“Your puppy has destroyed, by eating holes, my skirt, ate L’s proofs, and done such damage as could be done to the carpet–But she is an angel of light. Leonard says seriously she makes him believe in God–and this is after she has wetted his floor 8 times in one day.”

Virginia Woolf, in a letter to Vita Sackville-West, on the cocker spaniel Pinka, which Sackville-West gave to the Woolfs as a present.

In the world of smell

Why, hello there. Source:

“The greatest poets in the world have smelt nothing but roses on the one hand, and dung on the other. The infinite gradations that lie between are unrecorded. Yet it was in the world of smell that Flush mostly lived. Love was chiefly smell; form and colour were smell; music and architecture, law, politics, and science were smell. To him religion itself was smell. To describe his simplest experience with the daily chop or biscuit is beyond our power.”

Flush, a Biography, Virginia Woolf