Play-date with Fiona the puppy

This past weekend, Pyrrha got to have a play-date with a new friend: Fiona the puppy!

Play-date with Fiona

Our good friends Chris and Sallie recently adopted Fiona, and she is a bundle of joy. Fiona, who is probably about 6 months old, was found wandering alone as a stray about two months ago, in the countryside near our town, and Sallie’s friend picked her up and took care of her for a few weeks.

Fiona’s background is anyone’s guess, but the interesting fact is that she was found wandering near a farm that breeds Rhodesian ridgebacks. She’s obviously too tiny (about 15 lbs.) to be a full ridgeback, but her coloring is very interesting, no?

Rhodesian ridgeback. Source: Wikimedia Commons.
Play-date with Fiona
Fiona in the backyard.

Although she doesn’t have the hair growing backward up her spine, she does have hackles that extend all the way from her shoulder blades to the base of her tail. Regardless, whatever she is, she sure is CUTE!

The girls had a great time together, as you can see.

Play-date with Fiona

Play-date with Fiona
Love these faces!

Fiona’s personality and play style reminded me a lot of Georgia’s, which is, I’m sure, part of the reason why Pyrrha got along with her so well.

We brought Draco out to meet her, but he seemed fairly uninterested in the play-date. He sniffed her a few times, and then he asked to go back inside. Ha! Never had a dog opt out of a play-date before, but I’m totally cool with that. We let him go inside and relax.

Play-date with FionaWe hope to have Fiona over again soon! I’ve already been thinking about good personality mixes for future play-dates. I think Fiona and Pyrrha would be great with Howie and Roland