Wagwear Braided Fisherman Collar

Fisherman collars from Olive Green Dog, $22.

In keeping with my current obsession with rope leashes, I’m loving these braided cloth collars from Wagwear, available here from Olive Green Dog. The collars come in four colors and four sizes. Wouldn’t my future dog look exceptionally handsome and classy in one of these?

Pup links!

Grace Kelly and an equally glamorous poodle. Source: B for Bonnie

Dog-related things that have interested me on the Web this week…

Can Virginia Be a No-Kill State? My local SPCA, where I volunteer, was featured in the Virginia Dog magazine for its inspiring work in establishing a no-kill shelter. (SPCA Community Blog)

Safe Harbor Prison Dogs. I think programs like this one are just incredible. Safe Harbor sends 100 dogs from high-kill shelters to the inmates at Lansing Correctional Facility, where the inmates train and care for the dogs. What a wonderful idea for rehabilitation for man and dog. These photo portraits of the pairs are very moving. (Dog Milk)

Find and a Dog Who Looks Just Like You! Doggelganger. I haven’t tried this yet, but this sounds hilarious. (Pawesome)

Look Alikes! In a similar vein, do you think these people look like their dogs? Or are they just skilled at imitating canine body language? (Pawsh Magazine)

DIY $5 Rope Dog Leash. Remember that really expensive rope leash I fell in love with? Ammo’s mama shows you how to make one for $5. Sweet! Will be trying this. (Ammo the Dachshund)

A Skill that Could Save Your Dog’s Life: Leave It. A dog trainer explains how to teach this important command. (Dog Training Secret)

Jonathan Adler Dog Collars and Leashes. Posh! (A.G. Out Loud)

Going Camping. My dad loved bringing Emma on our family camping trips, and I think Emma loved coming along, too. This post certainly made me antsy to go camping with my own future pooch. (Miles to Style)

Morning on the Hill. These are such deep, lovely photographs of a quiet morning with a Great Pyrenees. S/he looks so loving and gentle. (La Porte Rouge)

Also, I’m officially a member of the Pet Blog Directory!

Wish List: Found natural rope leash

Found Natural Rope Leash from Olive Green Dog, $62

This would be a HUGE splurge for something as simple as a dog leash, but I love this rope leash from Olive Green Dog.

The leash is 7 feet long and comes in a variety of widths. The width I’d probably go for costs a whopping $62. Which is about six times more than I’d normally consider paying for a dog leash.

But, ah. It’s so beautiful and simple. I bet we could just make this leash, though. If only we could find some soft, durable rope lying around…

What do you think? Would you walk your dog with this leash? Or is it too nautical and tough?