Pup Links!

A dog and her cellist. Source: Wanderlusted, via the Life magazine archives.

Dog-related links that interested me this week on the Interwebs…

Why You Should NOT Shave Your Dog for the Summer. Finally! Some intelligent input on this widespread practice. I met an Aussie in the park the other day who was very unfortunate-looking: her owners had shaved her for the summer. I didn’t have the heart to tell them that they hadn’t helped their dog and they’d ruined her coat. (It’s the Dogs’ Life)

VirChewly Indestructible Leashes. Joslin Larson designed these chew-proof leashes for her dogs after she lost a sheltie who chewed through a nylon leash and into oncoming traffic. What do you think? They certainly look indestructible, but also a bit short and possibly uncomfortable. (Dog Milk)

Riot the Australian Shepherd. Just because I can never get enough Aussie puppy in my life. (The Daily Puppy)

Skye Report. Yes, even more Aussie puppy. The photo of the puppy sitting next to the grown dog is so precious. (Apropos Aussies)

When Suggesting Lunch Options Downtown… Love it. (Hipster Puppies)

Having a Dog Who Can Make This Face at You. Wise and funny words from a street dog photographer. (Dogblog)

Nine Uses for Small Dogs. Cute cartoon! (Pawesome)