Eternal winter

I know I can’t be the only one who feels like this has been the longest winter ever. Even the dogs seem tired of the snow:

Snow pups

I’m thankful that they still like to go out and romp in it, but they seem a bit bored with the white stuff and the constant bitter temperatures. I have poor circulation in my extremities, so I can’t go out much in the very cold, which makes our walks less frequent.

Eternal winter

Mercifully, Fiona is only a few blocks away, so she comes over to romp for a few hours, sun or snow.

Late winter in the southeast US is much like a bad boyfriend. One week, he’s so sweet and temperate, and you think everything is finally going to turn around with you two. And then the next week, he’s back to being a total jerk, ruining your life at every turn. It’s enough to give you whiplash. Saturday, for instance, we had sunshine and 60 degrees (F). It was beautiful. We played with the dogs, and Guion built our garden fence, to prepare us for spring gardening. And then… this morning… more terrible snow.

More snow

We’re hibernating, we’re enduring. How are you and  your pups making this long winter feel less long?

(And if you live in some warm place like Florida or Australia, just… hush.)

Winter forever

Pax be upon us: Snow day with dogs

On Wednesday evening and Thursday, Pax showed up with a vengeance rather unlike his moniker. The dogs, however, had a marvelous time running around in a foot of snow! (And Guion and I were thankful for a cozy snow day at home.)

More from our snow day

More from our snow day

More from our snow day

Snow day thanks to Pax

One of the great perks of this much snow is that they are so much more tired than usual after a romp in the yard, because running in a foot of snow requires twice as much energy. We were thankful for sleepy pups for the rest of the day!

Sleepy snow day sheps

What do your dogs think of snow? If you’re on the east coast of the US, like us, I imagine Pax hit you too?

Snowy days with the dogs

For Virginia, we’ve had a bitterly cold winter this year. Usually, we hover in the mid- to high 30s (F), but over the past month, we’ve been lucky if we get a high of 20 degrees. It is BITTER.

Snow dog yoga. #snowday #germanshepherds #charlottesville

Snow day

Snow day

Snow day

The dogs, however, don’t mind it a bit! I am thankful that they don’t care about the ice, snow, or freezing cold; they still go out and romp in the yard for hours. And they think every (short) excursion is the greatest fun they’ve ever had. Eden in particular likes to eat the snow and scoop it up in her mouth as if she were a little trowel.

Snow day

Do your dogs like winter weather?

Snow romp

More snow

The snow has all melted now, but when it’s here, Pyrrha certainly delights in it.

More snow

Hope you are all well and warm! Pyrrha doesn’t know it yet, but we’re already getting really excited about our visit to her little Aunt Georgia in a few weeks. I hope she is able to temper her excitement and play gently with baby Georgia, who is only about 7 lbs.

Unrelated: Anybody want a 45-lb. bag of Taste of the Wild, Pacific Stream? Turns out Pyrrha’s digestive tract really does NOT like salmon! May try to donate it to the local shelter or her rescue, if they’ll take it…

Pyrrha’s first snow

Pyrrha's first snow

I didn’t get super shots, because I took out the old camera (didn’t want to ruin my DSLR with any water damage), but here’s Pyrrha’s first encounter with snow! The kid loved it. It made her positively giddy. (Video proof below.)

Pyrrha's first snow

Eating snow is also a very absorbing game (even if we just got a small dusting).

Pyrrha's first snow


Video 1
Video 2

Fun to watch her romp in it this afternoon, but I confess I’m really desperate for some sun and warmth…

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