A good day at work

This isn't Sparky, but this dude looks pretty close. Source: Oahu Pet

My boss called me on the phone this morning.

“Hey, you want to come down and meet Sparky?”

She had her 1-year-old pug in the parking lot and knew that I’d love nothing more than an excuse to escape my cube and snuggle with a puppy.

I ran downstairs to meet her and Sparky, who was adorable. He had the most impressive corkscrew tail I’ve ever seen. I also had no idea that pugs could be that soft. He was like a cuddly little piggy. I could have romped in the grass with him all day.

As this little story proves, my boss is great. She’s a fellow dog enthusiast and has three dogs of her own. She indulges me on slow afternoons and will talk to me for half an hour about dog shows, breeders, training, and the complications of a multi-dog household. I love it. I’ll be grateful to have her around for advice and wisdom when we finally get a puppy of our own!