Up on the couch

On the sofa

Someone has decided that she’s allowed on the couch now.

At first, we weren’t going to allow it, but the first time she did it, we were so surprised and delighted that the house rule has been thrown out the window. We only paid $25 for that couch anyway, so we’re not too invested in it. Worth it to have 70 lbs. of German shepherd snuggling by your side than a fur-free sofa…

Photos and a weekend recap to come!

The little things

Oh, hi
Pyrrha gets up close and personal.

This photo cracks me up. And simultaneously warms my heart. It’s the little things with a shy dog, you know? The things that guardians of “normal” dogs probably take for granted: A wagging tail when you walk in the room, a stupid grin, a tongue lolling out the side of her mouth, rushing nose-first into your camera with a big smile. All these things indicate HUGE progress for Pyrrha. And so they’ll always make me feel a lot of joy. She is doing well and continuing to open up and every tiny sign makes me feel so happy and proud of her.

Coming up next week: Long, long walks and a visit to “dad” at work, plus thoughts on when to start more intensive training.

Happy weekend, everyone! Enjoy the little things!