Gallery of toys and terriers

I’ll admit that the toy group and the terrier group are my least favorite groups in the AKC system. Not that I have any personal vendetta against these dogs–I just can’t imagine myself ever living with one of them. That said, I have met some very pleasant terriers and some very enjoyable toy breeds. And my time at the SPCA has convinced me that pit bulls are totally wonderful. (Of all these dogs, I’d be most likely to take a pit home.) And you can’t deny that they are adorable. Look at those faces! That said, here are some toys and terriers I could possibly coexist with.

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Airedale terrier

Airedale puppy

Border terrier

Border terrier puppy

Cairn terriers

Cairn terrier puppy

Cavalier King Charles spaniel puppy

Cavalier King Charles spaniel


Papillon puppy

Pit bull

Pit puppies


Pomeranian puppy


Wish list: Shell dog toy

Squeaky shell-shaped dog toys from Petprojekt.

I don’t want a house filled with cheesy or cheap dog toys. No rubber chickens for me. These glamorous–and quite realistic-looking!–squeaky toys would be perfect for the summer-loving pooch. We’re about to go the beach ourselves, and so these cute but classy toys attracted my attention. The shell squeaky toys sell at Petprojekt from $11 to $14. Check them out here!